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Covid-19: Top Green Zone Countries To Expand In 2022

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It is not a new thing that the Covid-19 pandemic came as a surprise to the world at large. Its emergence caused a disruption in the normal routine of man’s day-to-day activities. Various countries have found a way to bounce back by adapting to the new norms and effecting some changes.

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The pandemic tested everything humans claim to own and understand, and with it came valuable lessons that will last us for a long while. A green zone country is a country in which the 14-day notification rate is lower than 25 cases per 100,000. Also, the positivity rate in such a country is below 4%. Below are some green zone countries that will expand in the year 2022:

. China

Although this country was also hit by the pandemic, they did not allow this to stop them from progressing. Certain acts are put in place to ensure the protection of their citizens. An effective high-level policy decision and surveillance of active cases are one of the measures put in place. The country has a record of a good team execution when it comes to business. China boasts of being the world’s second-largest economy and any business that has the vision of expanding is obviously making the right choice by choosing China.

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. Ukraine 

In Ukraine, a color-coded quarantine system is being observed in a bid of curtailing the virus and it has been extremely effective. The working hours in this country are not more than 40 hours in a week. Wehireglobally is a PEO in Ukraine that assists in having a reliable and fast workforce. Organizations like this should be contacted to boost the expansion of a business.

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. New Zealand 

To help prevent the spread of the pandemic, a strict entry has been put in place. With the European Union funds, health care professionals were able to pass across their message on vaccines. The country has a stable and transparent climate for business, this helps entrepreneurs to have a booming business.

. Rwanda 

The ban on all biodegradable polyethylene is one of the things that makes the country neat. The country understands what it means to have peace and security. The country turned what was seen as a tragedy into an opportunity. The country is also a good place for an organization to expand her territory. Despite the pandemic, the country still maintains one of the highest growth rate in Africa. It still proves to be a good location for a business or investment.

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It can be said that Covid-19 is here to stay but this does not halt our progress, it only makes us realize that there are several ways to do certain things. While some countries refuse to find an opportunity in an unexpected situation, some take a hold of it and use it for their own advantage. New developments will become the order of the day.

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