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Construction Planning: 7 Steps to the Perfect Process

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It is a well-known aspect that construction projects involve complex and lengthy procedure. They come with timelines measured in years, thereby leaving room for errors. The question is how to organize several chaotic variables to superior quality construction project with harmonious and steady progression.

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Process Management

This particular methodology ensures the project parts or repetitive tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. Thus, with proper Construction Planning the organization can ensure implementing cost-cutting strategies. Process management is vital as it enhances overall operations. If properly executed, it allows the following benefits:

  • Reduce expenditures.
  • Take on fewer risks.
  • Derive insights on making correct business decisions.
  • Identify operational deficiencies.
  • Gain better workflow control.

Therefore, project management involves the following: Project planning, organizing as well as controlling processes to shape up a construction project.

7 Steps To Construction Planning

There are a few steps that should be adhered to ensure smooth operation of the project, well within the budget and on time.

1. Project feasibility:

It helps determine project success possibilities. Identify project assumptions and high level constraints. Conclude if benefits outweigh risks to determine if expenses are to be borne towards human, financial and technical resources for this project. If the project is found worthwhile, then the next step involves proper and thorough planning. For this, a reliable construction planning software can be used.

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2. PID (Project Initiation Development):

Before assigning the project to the team, it will be necessary to first develop a PID. It is a crucial step as it helps achieve success from early stage. It serves as an internal guide as well as vital for external stakeholders. It should define the following:

    • Project scope.
    • Project’s basic information like collaboration, team and context.
    • Overall success criteria and management.

3. Identifying project scope:

Defining work scope is essential besides allocating resource management. It is necessary to list construction obligations and work activities to be performed by suppliers, subcontractors and contractors. The contract or agreement describes all the important aspects, refried to as ‘scope of work’. It lays out clearly the project’s end objectives, tech specifications and budget to allocate. It also helps set diverse milestones.

4. Project management plan:

Project management plan Construction Planning

Be it rebuilding or renovating an existing structure or new construction, proper construction Project planning will be essential. This will be required to complete project within set budget and on time. It can be termed to be a blueprint to drive project right from conception stage to completion.

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5. Identify potential risks:

There are lots of risks in construction business, even if it is a simple one. Hence, it will be crucial to recognize the risks beforehand. Some risks are inevitable. But with careful planning, it is possible to avoid them. Otherwise, risks will only result in costly deals or even derail the whole project. Using construction planning software can help locate potential risks and derive remedies for them.

6. Procuring equipment, materials and resource management:

There will be essential materials and equipment to complete any construction project, however, simple it is. They can be completed by certified subcontractors, general contractor, landscapers, specialized equipment suppliers, etc. Procurement tends to involve several steps to select, invoice, order, deliver and pay for the materials.

7. Monitor project progress:

With the project underway, it is necessary to ensure things move as planned. Progress should be monitored very minutely. Work should be consistent with project specifications and construction plans. Without effective monitoring, it is not possible to determine meeting set deadlines or spending within the budget.

Since construction business is a complex task involving labor, material and capital, proper planning will be essential. Things can become easy and accurate by investing in a reliable construction planning software.

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