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Home Resource Choosing the Ideal Co-working Space for Your Start-up

Choosing the Ideal Co-working Space for Your Start-up

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The rise of co-working spaces has open greater possibilities and several benefits to start-ups, self-employed professionals, and small business entrepreneurs. When you rent a traditional office space, you will be required to sign a lease contract for 5-10 years. You also have to pay a deposit and be charged with expensive penalties if you break the agreement.

On the other hand, you can rent a co-working space monthly, and some owners even offer a pay-as-you-go scheme. It saves you from upfront costs and long-term commitment while providing your employees with a professional work environment. Some spaces also have meeting rooms for rent in case you need to meet with your clients.



With innumerable choices of co-working business spaces across Biltmoreand other cities, the task of finding the perfect facility can be a serious challenge. Consider these factors so you can whittle down your options and find a suitable match for your start-up.

Proximity and accessibility via public transport

Proximity and accessibility via public transport

Location is vital to every business as it supports your business’ growth and your team’s well-being. Long commutes are excruciating, financially draining, and can decrease employee’s productivity, which will defy your purpose of renting a co-working space. Your prospective office should be strategically located within the range of various public transports and convenient for your team members. You wouldn’t want to rent a co-working facility in Narnia, where the only available transportation is Professor Digory’s wardrobe.


Shared workspaces do not just offer a desk- they have different facilities and offer various services. Make a list of your business needs that are crucial in your operation and make sure to choose the company that provides these essentials. These can include printing and scanning facilities, fast and reliable internet, bathroom amenities, designated meeting rooms, and clean workspaces. Remember not to confuse your needs with wants when choosing a co-working space. While extras like an in-house cafe can offer a great benefit, they shouldn’t be your priority if you are just on the start-up stage.



The atmosphere of a co-working space will reflect your brand’s personality and the reputation of your business. A facility with a mix of critical features and quirky elements can improve the image of your business to your clients.



Data safety, physical security, and property protection should be a key feature of your prospective co-working space. It’s best to choose a provider that offers individualized private WiFi networks that can lessen the risk of malware attacks and data breaches. The meeting rooms should also be soundproof to avoid leaks of confidential information.

Additionally, there should be available lockers to store sensitive files and essential office assets. The exits and entrances should be well-lit and protected with access codes or smart keys. Video surveillance can prevent or detect misconduct or, in worst cases, a crime, so it must be a deal-breaker when finding the right space.


One size rarely fits all when it comes to co-working spaces. This is because every entrepreneur and business has individual needs, such as coffee, Internet speed, sunlight, vibe, or quietness. Given the tons of options, you are bound to find the perfect co-working space that will take your start-up to the next level.

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