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Best Virtual Assistant Companies of 2021

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Virtual assistant services are becoming popular in different parts of the world because they allow companies to hire remote services which reduce expenses. A virtual assistant is a person who specializes in offering services to clients from a remote location. VAs provide advice to companies in various fields and they have special skills while performing important tasks. Nowadays, virtual assistant companies work closely with clients to know their needs when it comes to major services. However, not all of them are the same and customers should evaluate them in detail to choose the right one.

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Top Virtual Assistant Companies 2021

1. Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker virtual staffing company

It is a virtual staffing company that provides services to businesses and companies of all sizes with professional teams. The company offers solutions to the most critical tasks of a company or business Some of the features covered by the organization include 24/7 support, dedicated virtual agents, weekly progress features, etc. Remote CoWorker provides SEO, CRM management, social media management, graphic designing, and so on.

2. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands virtual assistant company

Fancy Hands is one of the leading virtual assistant company that provide assistants to everyone at affordable prices. It specializes in single tasks that will last a maximum of 20 minutes. Clients can submit their requests to the company through email, website, or mobile phones. The company will fix the amount based on the number of requests made by clients enabling them to improve their business. Another thing about the company is that it offers bot virtual personal assistant services as well as professional advice for businesses to ensure high success rates.

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3. WoodBows

Best Virtual Assistant Company of 2021-WoodBows

WoodBows is a pioneer in the VA industry that aims at providing the best service guarantee for clients in different sectors. The company will double the hours when a client is not satisfied with the services. Some of the services offered by the organization include bookkeeping, social media management, website management, conversion of PDF files to word or excel, etc. Apart from that, English-speaking virtual assistants are available from the company that will help accomplish goals to a large extent.

4. Time etc

Time etc virtual assistant company

Time etc is a reputed virtual assistant company that provides services to clients with a highly qualified team. Some of the services offered by the firm include administration, data input, social media marketing, email management, and so on. Furthermore, it offers a step-by-step guide for clients to choose the type of tasks to handle. The monthly package of hours offered by the company enables customers to keep the unused hours with them and they will roll over to the next month. Also, the first task is free for customers that will help save money.

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5. Prialto

Prialto VA services for small businesses

Prialto offers exclusive VA services for small businesses to streamline their operations to a large extent. The company also follows the best practices in the administration process that result in major advantages for a business. It can manage professional networks and schedule business meetings depending on the requirements of clients. Businesses and companies can improve their productivity levels with Prialto’s virtual assistant services.

6. UpWork

UpWork online virtual services for small businesses

UpWork offers online virtual services for small businesses to manage their activities with ease. It allows a business to make changes in social media site profiles by addressing the essential needs. The company even shows ways to proofread all business documents with expert assistants. Some other services offered by UpWork include online research, report generation, and invoice preparation. It provides services in animation, software, website development, marketing, data entry, audio transcription, video transcription, etc. The charges are affordable which tailor to the needs of customers.

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