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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Best Startup for Data Storage

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There are a lot of categories of startup companies that are available these days. One of the most popular categories is data storage. Many people need to have enough data storage for storing any of their favorite files or data. They usually use this data storage for saving any vital business information on the cloud or high-performance storage services. In this article, we are talking about some of the best startup companies that are operating in this storage industry. These companies come with a lot of useful features or benefits that are suitable for all customer’s needs.



1. Aparava

Its headquarter is located in Santa Monica, CA. This company was founded in 2016. The chairman and CEO of this startup company are Adrian Knapp. This is a cloud data protection service company that focuses on the SaaS-based platform. This company can provide short term and long term data retention among several cloud storage services. All clients are able to switch providers based on the costs, requirements, and any other factors. This technology allows all clients to reduce their storage requirements while maintaining great cost-efficiency. This startup company is growing very rapidly because the demand for this data storage keeps increasing from time to time.

2. ClearSky Data

If you want to store any important information on the cloud, you can take a look at this company. ClearSky Data is going to consolidate the primary storage, disaster recovery service, and offsite backup into a single powerful service. You can get access to all the features that are offered by this company. All clients are able to get access to their stored data at any time they want from anywhere they are. Its system is supported by fast and reliable servers. This company also has scale-up NAS capabilities that can be used to accommodate all file workload needs from large enterprises.


3. Datrium

This is another popular startup company that is working in the data storage industry. There are a lot of benefits that are provided by this reliable company. This company is located in Sunnyvale, California with Brian Biles as the CEO of this company. Datrium is going to combine the primary storage capacity and backup service. As a result, this company is able to offer a high-performance hybrid cloud storage workload system and also great data protection. All data can be stored in the cloud storage safely without having any problems. The company also has the latest DVX 4.0 software that comes with virtual machine fault tolerance. Its cloud DVX is a SaaS-based virtual machine backup for helping all clients in the recovery process.

4. Excelero

Many people are interested in using the best data storage service from this company. This company is specially created to offer the best data storage option for large scales and many types of workload environments. This company has the latest block storage technology that is called as the NVMesh. This system is very well-known for its high-performance and powerful server SAN equipped with powerful commodity hardware. This system will deliver networked storage service at high speed and low latency.


5. Leonovous

This startup company is located in Ottawa, Ontario. It was founded in 2010 by Michael John Gaffney. This company offers enterprise storage service and good data protection. There are a lot of features that are provided by this company. Leonovous offers ultra-secure and distributed storage services for all customers. This company is very well-known for its blockchain technology and secure encryption feature. Therefore, it is able to ensure consistent data transfer on multi-cloud environments.

6. Reduxio

If you are looking for the best startup company in data storage service, you can look at this company. Reduxio is a famous data storage startup located in San Francisco, California. It has a good combination of primary and secondary storage services. Its storage operating system is called the TimeOS. This system will use flash-based storage that can be used by any enterprise. This system is very powerful to offer automated tiering and also data reduction services for all customers. You will enjoy its instant recovery times, so you can resume any failed applications at any time you want easily. Its backup service can provide a lot of benefits for all clients.



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