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Best Startup Companies to Watch in 2020

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2020 will be another great year for startups. You will be able to find a lot of startups that will grow quickly this year. These startups offer the best products and services for all customers today. According to AngelList, there are more than 50 startups that should be watched this year. These startup companies are predicted to grow very quickly because they have a lot of great opportunities for them to grow. These startup companies are also led by professional entrepreneurs who have great knowledge and skills in their industries. Here are some promising startups that you will find in 2020.



1. AirGarage

This company is committed to turning any parking lots to become money-making machines. There are a lot of new products and services that are offered by this company. This full-stack parking operator is going to automate the operation of parking lots. Because of this automatic system, many business owners, building owners, and any other people love to use its system to rent out parking areas to any drivers on demand. This company is ready to fulfill the future’s needs of cloud kitchens, autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility, and any other future things.

2. Bloomscape



Bloomscape is another startup company that can offer huge opportunities for all customers this year. If you want to buy a new plant for decorating your home, you can simply use the service from this company. This company will help all customers who want to buy plants with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. All customers can visit their website to select the best plants for themselves. Bloomscape has a proprietary way for shipping fully-grown potted plants via Fedex right to your own door. No other company can do this way in this industry. Therefore, Bloomscape company will get a lot of potential customers in this area.

3. Calm

Many people are looking for the best ways to calm themselves today. Therefore, this company can grow very quickly these days. It is known as the best sleep, mental wellness, and meditation app. This app is available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. There are more than 36 million downloads from both stores. This app can leave all users with happy feelings every day. This company is based in San Francisco with more than 200 people who are working behind this app. This startup company will still grow very quickly in 2020. You will see a lot of improvements that may be available for all customers this year.

4. Checkr

It is one of the most popular startups that you can find on the market. This company can provide compliant and modern background checks for all enterprises and startups from around the world. Checkr is growing very quickly in today’s on-demand economy. There are a lot of companies using this Checkr service for their background screening activities, for example, Handy, Uber, Instacart, GrubHub, Caviar, and many other companies. This company was also listed on the Business Insider as one of the most popular startups to watch.


5. Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health

This company focuses its services on helping all cancer patients. It is going to accelerate its cancer research by improving patient care in any hospital from around the world. Flatiron Health is based in New York City. There are more than 500 people who are working in this startup company. It has a good product that can connect all academics, life science researchers, hospitals, community oncologists, regulators, and any other people on a single technology platform. This company is committed to providing the best experience for all cancer patients. The growth of the healthcare market can improve the overall growth rate of this company.


6. Superhuman

Superhuman is another startup company that is popular among many people today. This company has the best email client in the world. Many customers love using the email service from this company because it has a fast and simple email system. Superhuman is gorgeous because it can offer blazingly fast email. There are also some additional features that you can find from this app, for example, follow-up reminders, read status, scheduled messages, and any other popular features. Superhuman can be used to provide the best experience for all users. If you are looking for a fast email service for your needs, you can look at this app.

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