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Monday, August 3, 2020
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Best Startup Companies in Drone

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A drone is a famous device that becomes very popular among many people today. This device can be used to record high-quality videos without having any problems. You can also use this device for delivering any of your favorite items from one place to another place easily. Many companies are trying to create the best drone for their customers. This article will share some of the best startup companies that produce high-quality drones for all customers. These drone companies are popular for their durable and modern drones on the market now.



1. Skydio

Skydio drone company

It is one of the most popular drone company that you can find in San Francisco. This company is very well-known for its ultra-smart camera drone with a self-flying feature. The Skydio R1 4K camera smart drone is very popular among many people these days. This drone is able to avoid any obstacles automatically. This feature is very powerful to create good maneuverability for this unit. NVIDIA is one of the investors that put their money on this startup company. This drone company is growing very rapidly today. You will see a lot of great products that are offered by this company.

2. PrecisionHawk

The first project of this company was the drone for catering to the specific needs of the agriculture industry. Then, this company has been growing very rapidly since then. PrecisionHawk becomes very popular on the market as the best innovative company in the drone industry. Its funding exceeds the number of $100 million. This is a great number of investment. Many people trust the growth and potential of this company. This company also has a good partnership with the DJI company, in order to create airspace data in North America. PrecisionHawk is trying so hard for becoming the best leader in this drone industry.


3. MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology (MMC)

Are you looking for the best startup company in the drone industry? You can look at this MMC company. It is one of the most popular drone companies in China. There are more than 15 top scientists who work behind this incredible company. There are some popular drones that are offered by this company. Its drones are commonly used for filming, television, aerial photography, remote sensing, fire prevention, and also advertising. MMC has some popular drones, including HyDrone 1550 as the long flight-time hydrogen drone, T1 Tether System, and also the Xena 900 as the foldable travel drone.

4. Neurala

Neurala is a famous startup company that specializes in the drone industry. This company is owned by several brilliant people, including Heather Ames, Massimiliano Versace, and also Anatoli Gorchechnikov. Neurala is very famous for its AI technology. This startup company is responsible for any smart devices, such as smart cameras for inspections, robots, toys, and drones. Neurala drones have a powerful machine learning system, in order to create time-saving and efficient aerial inspections. If you are looking for the best smart drone on the system, you can look at this popular brand now.

5. Flirtey

This is the first company that comes with an FAA drone delivery system. This company was founded by some people, including Matthey Sweeny, Ahmed Haider, and Tom Bass. This company is very well-known for its online retail, food service, and also humanitarian by using a drone. Its funding can reach up about $16.2 million. The main mission of this Flirtey is to improve lifestyles by delivering all orders instantly. This company is ready to become a future industrial company when producing high-quality drones for everyone. Because of the invention of this company, many drones are commonly used to deliver foods, items, and even medical items to any destinations.


6. Swift Navigation

If you are looking for the best startup company in drone, you can look at this company. This is a powerful San Francisco based drone company. This company is very famous for its GPS technology that can give you a precise position in your environment. Swift Navigation also has the Piksi Multi, a high precision GNNS receiver that can improve the performance of this drone. Its drones are already integrated with the emergency response situation. Its GPS system can also help this device to move around easily. There are a lot of useful drones that you can find from this company.






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