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Best Robotic Startups in Asia

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Asia is the fastest-growing market for the robotic solution. You can find a lot of startups that are operating in this robotic industry. These companies are popular for their innovative robotic systems that are very useful for all customers. These startups are going to grow well from time to time because they are able to find the best market for their products. Here are some popular robotic startups that are popular in Asia.



1. UBTECH Robotics

UBTECH Robotics Startups company

It is one of the most famous robotic startups that you can find in the world today. This is a Shenzhen-based robotics company. The value of this startup is more than $5 billion today. This company specializes in creating humanoid robots that are suitable for both consumer and commercial models. It has enough funding to continue developing its new robots with raised AI technology. Some robotic products from UBTECH can be integrated with other home appliances that are available on the market.

2. Geek+

This Chinese robotic startup starts to become a major player in this industry. Its logistics-focused robots are able to provide any companies with automation capabilities, including warehouse automation until the automated order fulfillment. One of the most popular technology from this company is called the interweaving sorting robot. This automatic system will increase the parcel sorting efficiency in any company. This system is currently used in some eCommerce sites, including Taobao and Alibaba.


3. YouCan Robotic

This is another popular robotic startup that you can find on the market today. This is a startup that focuses its service in designing a beautiful underwater robot. You can use this robot for capturing HD videos and images of the world’s oceans. This company has a special underwater ROV drone that is saltwater resistant. This robot has a 4K video camera that is built inside the system. Its battery life can reach up to 5 hours. This device is very popular among many experts who want to study more about the ocean.

4. Borns Robotic

There are a lot of good reviews and also testimonials about this robotic startup. This is a medical robotics startup company that is based in Chengdu. One of the most popular products from this company is the robotic surgery tool. This tool can help doctors who want to conduct complex and risky surgical procedures. This company is still developing the best-automated surgery system in the medical world. It is going to complete any trials that are done for improving the growth of the medical world today.

5. LifeRobotics

LifeRobotics startup company

It is a Tokyo based robotic system that is created as the industrial robotics startup. Its robots are specially created to help business owners automate their manufacturing and also warehouses processes. This company also has cooperative working robots that are able to learn any advanced functions and tasks. This startup company is now operating under the Fanuc umbrella. Fanuc is one of the most popular huge robotic companies that you can find on the market now.


6. Insight Robotics

This is a Hong Kong-based startup company. It is still developing a new robot for improving the forestry management industry. Its robots are specially designed to be placed in national parks or forested regions. These robots will detect any potential problems that may occur in the future, for example, forest fires, tree diseases, and any other issues immediately.

7. AI Nemo

If you are looking for the best startup company in robotics, you can take a look at this company. This is a China-based company with home companion robots. Its famous robot is called Nemo. This robot can integrate with any customer appliances and video calls. This robot is specially designed to improve the overall communication between all family members. You can control this robot via your mobile app easily.



It is one of the fastest-growing startup companies in robotics. This rising star company has the best robotic products for manufacturing and warehousing facilities. This startup company has development centers that are located in Beijing and the United States. Both countries are trying to create the best collaboration in creating the best robot in this industry. This company has a loyal customer base in the automatic manufacturing industry.

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