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Best Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

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Project portfolio management software helps strengthening processes by composing reports and aggregating data. These tools assist companies in tracking the progress of the project and its lifecycle stages. This software gives end-to-end visibility, automates tedious tasks, makes processes efficient, and innovates for the future.

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Top PPM tools

1. Clarity PPM

Clarity PPM Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Clarity PPM is a cloud-based solution that helps users to access through SaaS. It helps counter market disruptions, manage enterprise resources, and cater to varying customer demands. It is one of the best PPM tools that adheres to security protocols and is an authorized platform mandated for cloud-based systems. Its key features include application portfolio management, resource management, financial management, and demand management. The dashboard and reporting tools offer self-service functions and defined analysis. Clarity PPM provides a centralized view to manage, create, evaluate and group multiple portfolios.

2. Primavera P6

Primavera P6 Project Portfolio Management Software

Primavera P6 Enterprise offers solutions to varying sizes industries. It provides role-based functionality matching the responsibilities of each team member. It assists users with prioritizing, planning, executing and managing programs. Its key features include integrated risk management, status work interfaces of each member, streamlined reporting, optimized resource, views, and workflow engine automating business processes. The business solution creates workflows employing its API, web services, and gateway.

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3. Planisware

Planisware Enterprise SaaS-based suite managing project portfolios

PPM of Planisware Enterprise is SaaS-based suite managing project portfolios and programs. Planisware is the best Project portfolio management software integrates budgets, actual, forecasts, and schedules. The key features include project management, portfolio visibility, strategic buckets, business intelligence, and project management.  This software offer budget management, road mapping, creates business proposals, capturing work requests and ideas, with financial forecasting and scorecards. It offers machine learning and artificial intelligence with chatbots.  This solution also supports functionalities such as time-tracking, document management, capacity planning, documentation and integration, and agile-team collaboration.  Planisware PPM tools list include customers from various industries like energy, automotive, life sciences, defense, chemical, and more.

4. Clarizen One

Clarizen portfolio and project management

Clarizen One is a tool integrating portfolio and project management, professional service automation, in-context collaboration, and workflow automation. Clarizen One supports individual teams to align communications and to manage business objectives and work. Clarizen is a tool SaaS-based and it offers dynamic reports, real-time visibility, configurable UI, integration, and dashboards with other systems of task management. The advantage is that users can access its marketplace as it provides various add-ons and apps.

5. Planview

Planview Resource management solution

Planview is a resource management solution and SaaS-based portfolio helping businesses to optimize their project portfolios. This is one of the best PPM tools to integrate plans and manage as per demand to attain execution of project.   Plainview Enterprise support strategy translation, work execution, resource and portfolio planning, deliveries coordination, team collaboration, analytics and reporting. Plainview PPM helps businesses prioritizes work and offers several features such as financial planning, portfolio planning and management, reporting and dashboards, resource planning, team collaboration, and time tracking.

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6. Asana

Asana cloud-based tool

Asana is suitable for companies handling several projects at a time. It is a cloud-based tool offering solutions to varying sizes companies. It supports ongoing projects as single-view tracking and gives performance details to the program manages to address risks. The features include risk management, project planning, issue management, task management, portfolio management, dashboards, requirement management, time, status, and expense tracking.  Asana helps allocating different monitors and tasks towards progress. It is easy to integrate apps such as Slack, HipChat, Sunrise, DropBox, and Google Drive.

7. Micro Focus

Micro Focus Project portfolio management software

Micro Focus is Project portfolio management software, a hybrid tool integrating data with workflows. It helps aligning with corporate investments the business strategy. It allows businesses to alter resources, dates, or budgets to meet goals, earn ROI, realize benefits, set strategic alignments, promote skill availability, and more. Its visualizations feature highlights discrepancies in the existing portfolio and optimal portfolio.

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