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Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

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Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities and is also one of the four metropolitan cities in India. Mumbai is home to many top brands and businesses and this trend exists in the furniture market as well. The various furniture brands in Mumbai have successfully drawn a bridge and blended both luxurious and affordable furniture designs under one roof.

So let’s look at the best places where you can purchase furniture in Mumbai:

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1. Furniturewalla

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Founded in 1999, Furniturewalla is a luxury brand of furniture and accessories that have their headquarters located in Mumbai. Furniturewalla boasts of having a furniture range that includes over 2000 handpicked products.  Their mantra is “Luxury within reach” which shows how they strive to sell high-end luxury items at an affordable price. Their showroom is located in Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli.

2. Wooden street

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Located in Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East, Wooden street provides modern furniture design that would define your room.  They claim that their furniture strikes a balance with the modern outlook and the traditional design. They use all kinds of wood to make their furniture, and also have the option to provide you with customized furniture. Wooden street is also known to provide good antique furniture designs that would suit your living room.

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3. Durian

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Durian Industries Ltd. Has its Indian corporate office in Mumbai. They are one of the most famous brands, and can be seen on top of the list when you search rent furniture Mumbai. Durian is known for creating thoughtful and elegant furniture, which may even be customized for your own taste. Their catalog includes the likes of wardrobes, beds, dining tables, sofa sets, etc. other products in different colors and sizes. They have stores located in Worli and Goregaon East areas.

4. Godrej Interio

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Godrej interio is another top search when you google for rent appliances Mumbai. They are one of the most popular and oldest brands in India and deal with  Accessories and Furniture of all shapes and sizes. They strive for green technology and make furniture out of recycled wood as well. Their best products include Wardrobes and Sofa sets. They have stores located in Fort, Byculla, and Andheri west areas of Mumbai.

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5. Vivono designs

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Vivono brings about Italian furniture that is both aesthetically beautiful and durable to the Indian market. It has housed many Italian brands and products under one roof. Conference tables, recliners, office chairs, sofa sets are some of their best products. Their store is located in Bapat Road, Lower Parel area of Mumbai.

6. Interior point

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Interior point is one of the best shops to get modern and futuristic furniture designs in Mumbai. Their collection includes Showcase sets, sofa sets, Beds, Chairs and Recliners, Kitchen accessories, etc. Interior point specializes in furniture that is affordable and is made up of genuine wood and hardwood. Their stores are located in Borivali west and Goregaon west areas of Mumbai.

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7. Couch potato

Best places to buy furniture in Mumbai

Their store is located on New link road, Andheri West. As the name states, Couch potato specializes in couches and chairs. They are one of the best producers of Sofa sets, Bean bags, Armchairs, recliners, etc. They also produce noteworthy coffee tables and bedside tables. They were mainly an online store but slowly opened up brick and mortar stores in major cities of India.


So these are some of the best places where you can purchase quality furniture in Mumbai. We hope this article achieved its goal to provide you with the knowledge that you were seeking.

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