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Best Network Monitoring Tools

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The advent of the IT industry has revolutionized how businesses are being conducted. New utilities, tools & software is being launched every now & then in the sphere of IT & server monitoring. You need to find the best network monitoring tools that will your specific requirements perfectly. Doing some comprehensive research on the different tools will allow you to get hold of the best one.

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Top network monitoring software in 2021

1. PRTG Network Monitor, Paessler:


All traffic, network applications, systems & devices are displayed easily in a hierarchy manner. It provides alerts & helps summarize alerts & performance. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure management abilities are what have made it popular among businesses. It uses the latest technology like SSH, WMI, SNMP, HTTP requests, Packet/Flows Sniffing, SQL, Pings, REST APIs, etc. This tool is best suited to those companies having less exposure to network monitoring. It comes with an easy to use, but highly powerful user interface. Using a mobile app, it allows monitoring of devices within the data center. You can come across a flexible price plan for this tool.

2. Solarwinds Network Performance Tool:

Solarwinds Network Performance Tool

It can be set up & used quickly & effortlessly. This tool discovers automatically all network devices to deploy them in an hour. It has an easy to change & manage the interface and is customizable. Web-based performance dashboards, views & charts can be customized as per needs. Topology can also be customized to suit network infrastructure. You can buy separate modules of this software based on your specific requirements.

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3. (WUG) WhatsUp Gold 2017:

WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Software

Ipswich has launched this tool. Being one of the popularly used network monitoring tools, it is highly configurable & also easy to use. Dashboards are visually attractive & user-friendly. It is customizable including its dashboards. Hybrid cloud monitoring is the highlight of this 2017+ version. The other features are manual & auto-failover, real-time performance monitoring & extended visibility for the distributed networks. You can find this software tool in different pricing plans, which allows you to choose something to fit your budget.

4. ManageEngine OpManager:

ManageEngine OpManager

This tool at its core is considered to be a network monitoring, infrastructure management & APM (Application Performance Management) software. It is a well-balanced product when analysis & monitoring features are concerned. It can evaluate your network traffic, manage your servers, performance, fault, network configuration, performance & fault. On-premise installation is mandatory to run this software. The device templates offered are pre-defined. For certain device types, it has pre-defined monitoring intervals & parameters.

5. Zabbix:


This open-source network monitoring software is popular because of its pleasing & fully configurable Web GUI & easy-to-use features. It focuses on trending & monitoring functionality. It is often used for network hardware & to monitor servers. One major highlight of this software is that it predicts changing traffic trends. Taking historical data into consideration, it forecasts future behavior. Since it is an open-source tool, there is an active user community that contributes towards its growth & success. The open-source solutions can be used without requiring vendor lock-ins. For SMB networks lesser than 1,000 nodes, it is regarded to be a powerful software. Beyond this, the software is likely to become slower & experience reduced performance. Moreover, real-time reports & tests are not included in it.

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6. Nagios XI:

Nagios XI

It has been designed to provide solutions to large corporations to SMBs & freelancers. It has a flexible pricing model. You can come across an open-source, free version, one-time subscription & license. If offers extreme flexibility due to its plug-in & play feature on what to alert & monitor. Databases, Infrastructure & Network are its key IT components.

Doing some comparison search on the different network monitoring tools can help select the best one for your organization.

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