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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Best mileage tracker apps for small businesses

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Taxi owners who run a small business should track the fuel costs of a vehicle properly that can help reduce the expenses. Since fuel costs are increasing day by day, it is necessary to determine the mileage of vehicles after renting them to customers. With mobile technologies are improving these days, small businesses can track the mileage of vehicles easily. This is because there are several mileage tracker apps available on the markets which aim at fulfilling the expectations of users. Moreover, they come with modern features that allow businesses to track mileage with accuracy.

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Knowing the best mileage tracker app for small businesses

1. TripLog

TripLog mileage tracker app

TripLog is one of the apps meant for small businesses enabling them to track miles every time. In fact, it allows them to keep the details of multiple cars and drivers of one tracking system. The app is available for iOS & Android platforms that allow users to access the mileage through the web. Furthermore, it offers a 30-day free trial plan for businesses with unique features. Some of them include unlimited trips, expense tracking, manual mileage tracking, fuel economy calculation, etc. TripLog professional plan costs only $4 and allows one user to determine the mileage with additional features.

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2. Hurdlr

Like TripLog, Hurdlr also offers basic and premium plans for small businesses that give ways to track mileage automatically. The app allows users to connect with thousands of financial institutions enabling them to link accounts with ease. It even gives ways to integrate with Uber, Freshbooks, PayPal, and other financial networks quickly that can help import the income and expenses accurately. It is possible to download the app from Google Play and iTunes that allow small businesses to gain major advantages.

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3. MileIQ

MileIQ provides a basic free plan and unlimited free plan for small businesses that show ways to capture the mileage of vehicles whenever needed. The free plan provides ways to calculate the mileage for 40 drives per month.  Furthermore, it helps to organize the drives for business expenses and tax refunds with the most advanced features. On the other hand, the app doesn’t integrate with accounting software while most apps allow the process.

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4. SherpaShare

SherpaShare is the best mileage tracker app for small businesses because it contributes to boosting the earnings by addressing essential needs. Also, it is a suitable one for ride-sharing purposes allowing business owners to track the mileage with a GPS. The app even gives ways to classify the trips, categorize expenses, and record trip information accordingly.

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