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Best Healthcare Startup Companies in 2019

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Healthcare is an interesting industry that is growing very rapidly these days. Many people are trying very hard to create a healthy environment around themselves. It is the best time for you to find the best healthcare system for improving your health. There are a lot of inventions in this healthcare industry. In this article, we are going to review some of the best healthcare startup companies that are available in the world. These companies are very popular for their drug discovery process and disease management. Here are some of those popular startup companies in this healthcare industry.



1. Verge Genomics

Best Healthcare Startup Companies in 2019

This startup company is owned by Jason Chen and Alice Zhang. It is one of the most popular healthcare startups in 2019. It is working by saving lives through a medical trial process. This company is going to use a unique approach by using a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system for determining which drugs are good for patients. This innovative approach is very useful to help the company determine the best drugs that can achieve success quickly. This company also focuses itself to pass the FDA approval process as quickly as possible. It has a high success rate in producing high-quality drugs for all customers.

2. Healx

This is another startup company that focuses on this healthcare industry. This company develops some new treatments and drugs for any rare diseases. It is going to use the best artificial intelligence (AI) system to look at the current universe of drugs. Then, this company will repurpose any of these drugs for curing any rare diseases. This technology is proven to be very successful, especially when the company could develop a drug for the Fragile-X in about 18 months. Healx takes about 80% less time to get into the human trial process than any other average drug manufacturers from around the world.


3. Embleema

This startup company is based in New York, USA. It is very well-known for its healthcare blockchain network. This network allows all patients to get access to their data and share their medical records with any physicians and researchers. This new solution is very useful to help all patients to manage their data. In order to get access to all features from this app, all patients can use cryptocurrency for exchange. The latest technology from Embleema becomes the best victory for researchers and patients from around the world. It revolutions the healthcare medical data management process.

4. Alector

Best Healthcare Startup Companies in 2019

There are many good reviews about this startup company. This Alector startup company is located in San Francisco, USA. This company focuses itself on combining the antibody technology and current discoveries in neuroimmunology technology. Alector has a mission to combat any neurodegenerative diseases. This company has the best solution for developing novel techniques for treating Alzheimer’s Disease and any other neurodegenerative disorders. This company can work well with other physicians to improve the immune system for fighting against neurodegeneration and dementia. There are some antibody therapies that are used by this company for preventing neurodegenerative diseases.


5. BenevolentAI

It is one of the most popular healthcare startup companies in 2019. This company is going to use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) system, in order to decipher the molecular processes associated with any specific diseases. This company is able to combine drug treatments with specific patients. The company can determine how a drug can treat and cure diseases that are unresponsive to any treatments. This platform can be used to develop the best therapies for treating incurable diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, neuron disease, sarcopenia, and glioblastoma. There are more than 20 drug programs that are created by this startup company. Currently, the company is trying to innovate in any other expertise areas, such as energy storage, agriculture, and advanced materials.


6. K Health

When you are looking for the best startup company in the Healthcare industry, you can look at this app. This is a healthcare app that is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. This app is able to collect any anonymous information from all users, including their medical background and chronic conditions. This app is going to use the latest artificial intelligence system for offering some tips and insights about how to manage their medical conditions properly. Using the information used on the system, you will be able to find the best options for treating your condition.

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