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Best Crowdfunding Sites of 2021

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Funding is necessary for any business to plan operations with ease. However, many business firms find it difficult to get funds for their projects due to the lack of ideas and other factors which affect their growth. With digital technologies are growing at high levels, a business can now raise funds through crowdfunding platforms. They are ideal for those who want to grow their business in the markets with ease. A wide range of crowdfunding websites is available today which cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their cash flow.

Here are some best crowdfunding sites of 2021 that satisfy the needs of businesses.

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1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter crowdfunding site

Kickstarter is one of the great crowdfunding platforms meant for tech and creative entrepreneurs that help seek funds for a project without any difficulties. It provides methods to market a campaign with innovative ideas to get the desired outcomes. Artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, photographers, publishers, and games creators can benefit a lot from the Kickstarter platform that helps accomplish their goals to a large extent. However, it has a waiting period of 14 days when it comes to funds receiving.

2. Indiegogo

Indiegogo crowdfunding website

Indiegogo crowdfunding website works similar to Kickstarter which gives ways to raise funds with a campaign. The tools on the website enable users to integrate with other platforms to promote campaigns accordingly. It works well for investors and entrepreneurs by addressing their essential needs. Moreover, the website paves ways to set up a campaign for up to 60 days and enables users to receive funds through a bank within 15 days. However, it charges a 5% fee and third-party processing fees. The platform will return funds to donors when anyone doesn’t meet their financial goals.

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3. SeedInvest

SeedInvest crowdfunding platform

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that tailors to the requirements of new entrepreneurs. Those who want to seek funds through the website should complete the sign-up process and fill out an application for screening purposes. The platform has high success rates for its campaigns that help raise the required funds. At the same time, the costs are high when compared to other platforms.

4. Start Engine


Anyone who is looking for big money can choose the StartEngine crowdfunding platform for meeting essential needs. The website allows entrepreneurs to invest their money in any one of the listed companies with as little as $100. Start-ups that are willing to become investors in the early stage can utilize this platform that will help accomplish goals significantly. It gives ways to make some good money through investments to gain more benefits.

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5. GoFundMe

go fund me

This platform is one of the best crowdfunding sites that allow individuals to seek funds for everything. One can set up an account in a few minutes with 0% fees on the website. Then, he/she can create their campaigns by mentioning the required amount for fundraising. It gives ways to manage the received donations via the platform’s dashboard. Users can start their campaigns by including a story with photos and videos that will help generate funds significantly.

6. Patreon


Patreon is one of the crowdfunding platforms meant for digital creators to raise funds for a project. It is suitable for bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters to create a campaign with a subscription model. The site enables artists to grow relationships with their customers and creators can create content for their Patreon subscribers. This, in turn, gives ways to raise the money needed for a project with effective campaigns. The website charges a processing fee of 2.9% and 30 cents per payment. It is necessary to follow the instructions in detail before setting up an account on the website that will help make a better decision.

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