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A List of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Personal use

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Artificial intelligence, shortly known as AI, is widely used in various sectors for different purposes. It provides several advantages to users by addressing their exact needs. Various types of artificial intelligence tools are available in the markets today that cater to the requirements of individuals. However, they need some little research which will help gain more ideas. Not only that, they provide methods to choose the right one among them based on the choices.

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Knowing the top-rated AI tools for personal use purposes

1. Mosaic

Mosaic Artificial intelligence tool

Mosaic is the best tool meant for those who want to create a better resume. A great resume will impress recruiters as soon as possible when people search for jobs. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to write a resume that exactly suits a position. The main benefit of this tool is that it gives ways to reduce mistakes and errors while creating a resume.

2. Newton

Newton AI tool

Newton is one of the AI tools which satisfy the needs of both job seekers and recruiters. It enables a person to find his/her dream job which suits a career. Moreover, recruiters can match the profiles of candidates who exactly match for a position. A company will save more time with this tool while screening applicants.

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3. Bright crowd

Bright crowd tool

The Bright crowd tool is suitable for people who want to broaden their circle with their careers. This tool provides ways to make meaningful connections that will have a positive impact on a career.

4. Ada

ADA Artificial intelligence tool

Ada is an AI tool that helps a person when he/she feels unwell. People should include Ada in the artificial intelligence tools list which will help ensure optimal results. The tool makes feasible ways to understand and get more care for health issues.

5. Bond

Bond finance AI tool

Financial planning is necessary for everyone to accomplish goals in life. Bond is a finance AI tool that enables individuals to make powerful decisions thereby showing ways to lead a trouble-free life. The tool provides ways to understand everything easily that will help boost the financial conditions to a large extent.

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6. Firedrop

Firedrop AI tool

Firedrop is a tool that comes with the latest AI trends that allow individuals to design their websites automatically. Not only that, it makes feasible methods to add and publish content depending on the needs.

7. Emma

Emma AI tool

Emma is one of the AI tools needed for those who often travel to various places. It allows users to get travel time and journey details directly in a calendar as soon as possible. Apart from that, the tool schedules customer appointments and meetings automatically. The tool is ideal for small business owners to deliver products on time.

8. Aiva

AIVA AI tool

Aiva is a music AI tool that allows individuals who want to compose emotional music soundtracks. It comes with preset algorithms and the latest AI trends enabling users to create music in pre-defined styles.

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9. Entrupy

Entrupy Artificial intelligence tools

Individuals should have Entrupy in their artificial intelligence tools list because it gives ways to shop products with informed decisions. It enables users to buy authentic clothes and high-end items from famous designers to ensure a better shopping experience.

10. Chatfuel

Chatfuel Artificial intelligence tools

Chatfuel is one of the artificial intelligence tools that help individuals to build a chatbot for their business. It gives ways to get more leads by spending less money and automates marketing effectively. The tool is a perfect one for sending prospects from ads to a conversation with bots.

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