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Friday, July 3, 2020
Home Resource A Closer Look at the Types of Metrology

A Closer Look at the Types of Metrology

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Manufacturers of metrology precision measurement, especially those working with automotive, mechanical engineering industries, have to face several challenges in terms of accuracy and quality. They have to keep understanding diverse industry needs to provide customized coordinate measuring machines and other equipment. Be it for digital height gauges, metrology tooling, aero-engine shafts, optical measuring machines or other tools, they have to provide all-encompassing measurement products for their clients. To attain this end, it’s important for them to understand the different types of metrology and the equipment needed for each of them.,



Prior knowledge helps in more effective production and marketing of specialist products to suit different requirements. In-depth information on the basics of metrology can also aid the development and design of totally bespoke products. Here, we take you through a quick rundown of three types of metrology and some important precision equipment. Read on for more.

Metrology Equipment

Specialist Metrology Equipment

Coordinate measuring machines include Long-Bore CMM, Digital Height Gauge and other types of CMMs. The other types of specialist equipment attributed to metrology include granite surface plates, cast iron tables, and surface plates, tooling items, and metrology standards. According to experts at  Eley Metrology, an important thing to note about metrology precision equipment is that proper services are needed to back up the product range. These services encompass calibration of CMMs, sub-contract inspection, metrology standards, consultation and training of height gauges, and so forth.

Metrology and its Types

Three different types of metrology are making their presence felt in today’s scenario. These are:


Scientific Metrology

This category of metrology applies to the conceptualization, design, and development of different kinds of measurement standards. Scientific metrology also deals with the repairs and maintenance of precision equipment. It involves new technologies and research. Companies supplying metrology tools and equipment for scientific purposes deal with healthcare, commercial products, and government organizations.

Industrial Metrology

Industrial Metrology

The purpose behind industrial metrology is to make sure that the equipment and tools used in different industries are functioning smoothly. For instance, industrial metrology equipment is used for testing and designing airplanes. They are also involved in the manufacturing of products related to the commercial industry. Factories applying large machinery and rotating equipment in course of production also belong to the category of industrial metrology.

Legal Metrology

Legal metrology is connected with measuring tools and is useful for influencing economic transactions. This segment of metrology is a refined one. Unlike other fields of metrology, legal metrology does not make physical use of equipment. Rather, it lays focus on the sale and purchase of materials connected with economic studies. Legal metrology equipment is also useful in the sectors of law enforcement.


Link Up with a Metrology Equipment Company

Companies connected with providing physical measurements linked to tools, dimensions, and machinery are working with companies worldwide. You may want to take a look at their product range and services to attain faster production and superior products. The technicians and engineers of such companies are aware of current trends and developments in precision testing and measurement. Reach out to an ace metrology equipment company to establish and maintain your routine calibration programs, along with getting access to the best precision equipment, today.


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