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A Beginner’s Guide To SaaS Integrated Solutions: By Software Developers

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When a company looks for software for its business, chances are they are looking for SaaS (Software as a Services). Think of software that businesses used to use in their early days. Yes, we are talking about email and Microsoft Word. Now try imagining the same software tools in the form of an application that can easily be accessed via the internet.

The introduction of the SaaS has enhanced the convenience in the business operation. The popularity of SaaS is escalating rapidly. Why? Because it offers the companies a quick setup and very little cost.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; if you have the right SaaS services tailor-made for your company, you will hold a competitive advantage over your competitors. The best part of these SaaS services is that you do not have to look for them everywhere; platforms like the Google cloud platform marketplace make it easy to get a hold of SaaS services efficiently.

What Is Software As A Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service is nothing more than software that is made available for the consumer with the help of cloud services. The SaaS service providers host the software on their local platform and allow the consumer to use the software by connecting themselves to the logical network with the help of an internet connection.

Since the software is not installed on the consumer system, the software relies on the distributor’s hardware to function rather than the user’s hardware.

A popular example of a SaaS solution is Microsoft office 365. Consumers can purchase the subscription and start using the software application but do not fully control the software.

Benefits Of SaaS Integrated Solutions

Benefits Of SaaS Integrated Solutions

Software as a Service offers convenience to businesses, especially new startups. With the help of SaaS solutions, new business owners have to think about investing fortunes in creating software for their businesses. Instead, they can simply purchase the subscription of the software and integrate it into their business operations.

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When it comes down to SaaS pricing, it saves a lot for the companies.

  • It eliminates the initial cost.
  • Eliminate the cost associated with the maintenance.
  • Offers automatic upgrades.
  • Allow the opportunity for scalability.

Before the whole SaaS solution in the market, the cost of installing the software was put on the customers, which means the service price used to have more compared to today’s services.

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However, after introducing the SaaS solution to the market, the service provider takes full responsibility for maintaining the software and hardware. That means the consumers will no longer be burdened with any software installation and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, SaaS is more practical and easy to implement when it comes to backup and security. During the old days, when companies used to install complete software with the IT professionals as supporting staff, they were also responsible for the data backups and security. However, with the SaaS solution, everything is shouldered by the service provider.

Signs That Shows Your Business Is Ready For SaaS Solution

Today, businesses happen in the cloud. This is why businesses are investing in cloud solutions to shift their business from traditional software to SaaS.

If you find these signs in your business, it means your business is ready for the SaaS solution.

1. Your Business Want Enterprise Level Sophistication

Your business is expanding, and now you feel like you need the same sophisticated tools big names use. For instance, if a small business CRM lets down your business productivity, it is time to upgrade your business to a SaaS solution.

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2. Reduce The Cost Of Software Application

There is no doubt about it; traditional software was more expensive. The initial cost of installing software was enough for the small business to skip those things out of their businesses. However, with SaaS solutions integrated into the business, even small businesses can enjoy premium software with comparatively lower costs.

3. Increase In Remote Workforce

Modern businesses have embraced the work-from-home culture. This culture is perfect for SaaS solutions. SaaS is accessed via the internet and proves the remote employee the same software they use in-house.


There you have it for a beginner’s guide to

SaaS integrated solutions

We have tried to add a lot of valuable information here with simple sentences. Yes, you will find some parts are missing because we have added only the things, which we found necessary to be in here. If you want more information on SaaS solutions, do let us know. We will be here with a relevant answer.

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