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8 Best Content Collaboration Platforms for your Business

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Every entrepreneur, manager or leader needs to develop a solid Business plan that will help the organization to achieve success. Businesses these days are getting digitally inclined. Employees create lots of files, PDFs, documents, project proposals, sales decks, HR guidelines, training manuals, etc. and share it with others. It is generally shared through cloud storage services internal wikis or emails.

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Besides sharing work-related content, also are generated sales and marketing collateral. It includes company logos, social media images, articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. This is to ensure the social media platforms are always fed with new content. But contents shared every day in huge numbers are sure to make businesses and its employees face lots of hassle. The fact is that it is quite obvious for all businesses to generate and share content. The question is where to store or simply find this huge amount of developed content.

Top 8 Content Collaboration Platforms

1. Google Drive:

This cloud storage solution is powered by Google allowing you to store videos, audios, files, documents, etc. Files stored in Google Drive can be accessed using any device and from anywhere. It provides cloud storage of 15GB along with diverse control options on who can edit, comment and/or view your files.

2. ai:

ai Content Collaboration Platforms

This cloud-based document content and document collaboration tool allows team to track documents and store digital assets. Teams can work collaboratively at a single place while improving their Workflow management. Interactive documents may include spreadsheets, audios, videos, cloud files, PDF, etc. Teams can easily get access to all desired information without bothering about sharing permissions.

3. Dropbox:

Dropbox Content Collaboration Platforms

This cloud storage Marketing automation tool allows you store your important files at a single place. Using mobile and desktop apps, users may sync all files and keep them within easy reach. Furthermore, it provides free synchronization between mobile, cloud and desktop. It is also possible to send folders or files quickly with shared links to those outside or inside the organization.

4. ProofHub:

ProofHub Content Collaboration Platforms

This cloud-based project management and team collaboration tool provides built-in File Management software. Using this Business plan tool, you can create, collaborate, organize and upload all documents and files within a centralized location. Documents and files can be attached to notes, chats and discussions whenever desired. Unauthorized access can also be restricted to files simply by sharing links with those preferred to be shared.

5. BoostHQ:

BoostHQ Content Collaboration Platforms

It is another Workflow management tool that allows you to create, centralize and share internal content and knowledge. Moreover, company knowledge can be organized in the form of tags, categories and groups. This, in turn, makes the entire process involving information retrieval and search becoming easy and quick.

6. Confluence:

Confluence Content Collaboration Platforms

Using content collaboration platform, teams can create, share or store documents from a single dashboard. You may even access, organize and publish vital company information at a central location. This way, your customers will be able to assist themselves. Moreover, it is possible to store content like images, docs, PDFs as well as track very change and/or version introduced in any page.

7. Alfresco:

Alfresco Content Collaboration Platforms

This popular Enterprise Document Management is designed to streamline and smoothen workflow. Its core Marketing automation enables developing of viable modern solutions to ensure efficient workflow and boost productivity. All essential features are offered by this tool to create, store and edit documents. Version control feature allows easy viewing and accessing of previous and recent document versions.

8. Box:

Box Content Collaboration Platforms

This cloud service is designed exclusively for the IT sector and businesses. It allows securing, editing and sharing of files and documents over the cloud. Also is allowed seamless data transfer to Box Cloud from desktops. It encourages team collaboration, edit files or join any conversation together.

Therefore, getting to know the top Content Collaboration Platforms will be essential to make the right pick for your business.

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