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7 Best Secure Managed File Transfer Tools for Businesses

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File transfer is necessary for a business because it plays a significant role in improving efficiency. It provides methods to transfer files inside and outside an organization which helps to obtain optimal results. Managed file transfer is an ideal option for a business to gain more benefits. Some of them include visibility, scalability, security, compliance, budget-friendly customization, etc. On the other hand, businesses should consider selecting the best-secured tools for their operations. They should collect more details about them from various sources which help make the right decision.

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Knowing the best secure managed file transfer tools

1. GoAnywhere

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

GoAnywhere is one of the best tools available for a business because it helps perform bulk file transfers accordingly. Moreover, it comes with multiple deployment options and allows a business to integrate it with different cloud platforms. It even supports several languages for market research purposes allowing a business to focus more on its goals. Another thing about the tool is that it features an intuitive interface that suits the needs of an organization.

2. Progress MOVEit

Progress MOVEit Managed File Transfer

Progress MOVEit is another tool that comes with necessary features which comply with SLA that help achieve better results. It is a perfect choice for data management purposes which gives ways to experience the desired outcomes. The collaboration capability feature offered by the tool allows a company to transfer files with internal and external users easily. Apart from this, the customized solution provided by the software is suitable for mobile device management.

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3. Diplomat MFT

Diplomat MFT Managed File Transfer

Businesses looking for a reliable managed file transfer solution can choose Diplomat MFT to meet their needs. The tool makes feasible ways to integrate with day-to-day business operations with ease. Besides that, it allows a business to automate file transfer and have control over it effectively. Some other features offered by the tool include automation, PGP encryption, alert notifications, auditing, etc.

4. Cleo MFT

Cleo MFT Managed File Transfer

Cleo MFT comes with an intuitive self-service design platform that allows a business to create its own integrations. It is useful for multi-enterprise file transfer which shows ways to run a business without any difficulties. The tool offers a robust workflow automation feature for a business to get the desired outputs. Visibility dashboards, reporting, and audit trails are some features provided by the tool for a business.

5. Kiteworks

Kiteworks Managed File Transfer

Kiteworks is the best MFT solution that ensures large-scale file transfer for a business. It makes feasible methods to streamline and manage file-sharing with ease. Moreover, the tool lets a business develop visual workflows without coding. The tool provides methods to enhance workflow automation significantly. A business can start a file transfer manually which helps to improve the functions. The primary advantage of this tool is that it gives ways to access data in different formats.

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6. Redwood MFT

Redwood MFT automate file transfer

Redwood MFT will help a business to keep connected and responsive. It provides ways to transfer details with security and supports accurate data management for a business. The tool has a clear graphical interface that provides ways to generate reports faster. A business can also save time when transferring files and executing dependent activities. Moreover, it gives ways to incorporate file transfers easily into an existing business process that help improve the services.

7. ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch Managed File Transfer

ActiveBatch comes with advanced features that allow a business to restrict files based on size. Also, it has built-in checks which provide ways to transfer files successfully. The software is suitable for the market research process because it offers various features. Some of them include analytics, scheduling, auditing, and alerting that help grow a business in the markets. Moreover, the tool has advanced parallel transfer capabilities that cater to the needs of a company.

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