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5 Ways to Turn Your Workplace Into an Environment Your Employees Will Be Happy to Operate In

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Working in an office building day in and day out can become monotonous for many, but there are numerous things that can be done to create an office space that is both comfortable and enjoyable for employees. A major factor in growing a business that is successful is having employees that are excited to come to work and put their talents to use. There are many ways to make the office space more pleasant and welcoming. Here are some key ways to transform a typical office into a place people love.

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1. Create a Pleasant Work Space

There are many ways to create a pleasant work environment. First, think about what the office looks like when an employee walks in. Are there plenty of windows for viewing the outdoors? It is wise to create an open space that lets sunlight in and also install glass doors using a frameless glass door system throughout the office, which will make it appear more spacious and open. Another thing that can help is to have a fully stocked kitchen with plenty of healthy snacks and beverages to enjoy throughout the day. It may seem like a small addition, but it really goes a long way for workers who are spending a big chunk of their week in that office space.

2. Compensate Employees Fairly

Compensate Employees Fairly

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One of the main reasons most people are employed is because of the need for money. Good, talented employees are the key to a successful company, and the best way to both attract and keep outstanding workers is by compensating them fairly. Compensation can come in a variety of ways whether it is strictly from their income or it is coming from benefits like health insurance or furthering employee education. It can even just be a rewarding bonus that comes at the end of the year if the hard work is put in. This is the foundation of creating a work environment that one can easily thrive in and enter with a good attitude.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

Times are changing and people are no longer satisfied with the typical 9-5 cubicle job that was once the norm. While it is still a good idea to have an office that is open for employees to come in and work, especially for those who crave a more structured schedule, it is just as important to offer a flexible work schedule to those who desire one. Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford professor, performed research and discovered that working remotely improves employee satisfaction and increases productivity and hours in the workplace. While it is not necessary to become a fully virtual company, it is a good idea to give workers the flexibility to create a better work-life balance, so they can thrive when they are in the office.

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4. Be Open to Feedback

Being open to employee feedback is not only beneficial for the worker, but it is beneficial to the boss as well. A Gallup study did research with 469 business units and discovered that those who received open and honest feedback regarding their strengths had 8.9% profitability after the feedback was given. Valuing the employee’s feedback and opinion will build a relationship of trust and honesty that will make for a better workplace and a better boss.

There are many ways to turn the workplace into a pleasant, warm, and welcoming environment. The few mentioned above are just the beginning. Continue to research and discover new ways to make it a better place for everyone to thrive and work in.

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