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5 Top Social Media Sites for Marketing Your Business

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If you have recently launched a business, it becomes crucial to invest in the best social media platforms to promote your brand. According to industry experts, social media is considered to be an inexpensive way to market any business. Moreover, it offers ROI quickly.

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Why should you invest in Social Media Sites for Marketing?

People these days of all ages have created at least a single profile on some of the leading social media sites. Whatever be the site that you plan to invest in, you can reach your targeted customers quickly and effectively. Also, you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve this objective. People prefer to use social media sites for entertainment and to make wise purchase decisions.

Best Social Media Sites for Marketing Business

  • Facebook has helped about 70% of business-to-consumer marketers to acquire customers.
  • 93% of Pinterest users either make purchases or plan using this platform.
  • Instagram users prefer to be on this platform to purchase online products.
  • Experts believe that shoppers tend to spend 20-40 percent more money on those companies which promote their brand over social media platforms.
  • Moreover, 71% of consumers enjoying a positive brand experience on social media sites are found to recommend to others.

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How the best social media platforms are used for businesses?

Using different social media platforms, businesses can reach bigger audiences effortlessly and quickly. It also enhances business visibility, promotes services/products, drives sales and generates new leads. Following best practices and curated content allow effective marketing of services at optimum efficiency.

Top Social Media Sites

  • Facebook Messenger: Facebook, the leading social media platform has launched Facebook Messenger. This app contains several additional features, allowing users to send other users direct messages. It is a wonderful advertising platform and provides access to a large user base. Its advertising campaigns are developed specifically for Facebook Messenger. Even a simple message sent across the Messenger helps develop trust between the brand and existing/potential customers.
  • Facebook: It undoubtedly occupies the number one spot on the top Social Media Sites for Marketing. It enjoys having 2.41+ billion registered daily active users. Whether you want to create brand awareness, online conversions, lead generation or website traffic, you can enjoy notable differences. This social media boasts of a wide user base combined with user demographics. Its advertising platform is also the most developed. It allows businesses to target by interest, employment, gender, age, relationship status, purchasing behaviors, etc.
  • Pinterest: This social media platform promotes businesses that are part of the creative industry. Presently, it boasts of having 291+ million active monthly users. 81% of users are women, while 93% being active pinners. 87% purchase something after gaining valuable information through this platform. The top searches here are outfit ideas, wedding inspiration, lifestyle how-to articles, food recipes, etc. Paid ads can help increase post reach. Pinterest ads also help track online conversions.

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  • Instagram: It is counted among the top social media sites and boasts of 500+ million active daily users. Being owned by Facebook, this site has access to a similar extensive user-base including advertising platforms. It also comes with paid benefits similar to Facebook, but with unique organic benefits. It is a wonderful platform for businesses with/without advertising budgets. Being a visual platform, you are to publish posts containing videos and images only.
  • YouTube: This is one of the best social media platforms including the most preferred one by all ages. Users can upload/watch videos. It boasts of having 2+ billion active monthly users, providing businesses with the opportunity to share content. It provides visual content benefits similar to Pinterest and Instagram. You can run YouTube ads with ease and enjoy greater reach. You do not have to spend a fortune on advertising and derive higher rankings for your videos.

Getting to know the different social media sites for marketing in detail will allow you to increase business reach.

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