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Home Resource The 17 Most Useful Free Resource Websites For Startups

The 17 Most Useful Free Resource Websites For Startups

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Startup life means doing more than one task, at times small tasks can take up a lot of time. To help fellow startups like us, we have listed few websites/tools which can be very helpful to get the work done. All these websites are free to use and will make your life easier.

1. Perfect Domain

Search for a perfect Domain, Facebook, Twitter name using The Name App. Also check Naminum.

Startup domain

2. Logos

To start with, you need a logo. For some excellent free logos visit Postermywall Logo Generator, its simple, fast and even looks good. Here are some sample logos that we made.

Startup logo

3. Website & more

Happy with logo, now you need a cool website. WordPress helps you create some of the most amazing websites like  Themeforest for some free and paid themes. Also visit to Hive for free hosting.

Startup website

4. Design

Create menu, visiting cards, social media posts etc. all in one rich tool – Canva, God bless Canva team! NO pro expertise required. You can also try Pixlr.

Startup web design

5. Stock Photos

Need stock images for your site, social media etc? Log onto to Pixabay for some stunning royalty free stock photos! Also try Pexels.

The 17 Most Useful Free Resource Websites For Startups


6. Lead Generation

Capture contact details, grow Facebook fans etc using Hello Bar.

Startup lead generation

7. Mailers

Send limited free promotional mailers using Mailchimp, they are the best in the market!

Startup mailers

8. Social Media Marketing

Make use of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to schedule tweets, FB posts etc.

Startup SMM

9. Invoice

Create simple, free invoice in any format, less time to make bills = more time to run behind payments ;) There are 3 sites to create free invoice Slimvoice, Free Invoice Generator and Invoice To Me.

Startup invoice

10. Check Grammar & Spelling

Because first EMAIL impression, is last impression, try Spell check plus.

Startup grammar

11. Site Test

Get your site tested for UI and other functionality from Peek or Nibbler.

Startup site test

12. Compress Images

Internet and heavy images never go together, make sure you compress your image while uploading on your site on even on an email. Compress Now will make your life so much easier.

Startup compress images

13. Screenshot

Screenshot can be useful at times. Now take screenshot of only the portion you require. Download this really simple tool for windows and Mac from Light Shot.

Startup screenshot

14. Photoshop Files

Nothing better than some free visually appealing PSD files, do checkout Freepik.

Startup photoshop

15. Grow Site Traffic

Get more traffic, easy sign ups and much more, thanks to SumoMe.

Grow Site Traffic

16. Videos

Make free videos upto 45 secs using Wideo. It’s easy to use, no special skills required and look fantastic.


17. Internet Put To Work

IFTTT (now IF) connects different apps and reduces your repetitive work. Might be a little difficult to understand at the start, but really useful once you understand how it works.


Don’t forget to bookmark this article, its going to be helpful! Did we miss any site? Please let us know in the comment section.

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