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10 Top AI Chatbot Platforms for Businesses in 2022

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With competitors increasing in almost every industry, you have to think out of the box to have an edge over them. Superior products, variety and faster delivery are undoubtedly vital factors to consider. However, one particular aspect that is sure compels your targeted customers to consider your business for the next purchase is customer experience. It involves how they feel before making the purchase, during and after completing the deal. Top-notch experience can be ensured with AI chatbots.

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Growing significance of chatbots

These days, organizations of all sizes and domains are eager to use chatbots as they help businesses to become more efficient. It also leaves positive impression about the brand. Moreover, customers are comfortable using it as long they get prompt response.

Top AI Chatbot Platforms you may consider in 2022

1. Kommunicate:

Kommunicate AI Chatbot Platforms

This customer support automation tool can help develop chatbots and live chat for your site. It uses human chatbot kind of hybrid model. Kompose chatbot builder helps develop conversations by using simple block builder. Fully-functioning chatbot can be created within minutes.

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2. Chatfuel:

Chatfuel AI Chatbot Platform

Within 15 minutes of using this platform, you can develop a fully operational chatbot for your Ecommerce Website. Even amateurs can undertake this task easily. Its clean interface is what makes it a huge hit among businesses. It is also well designed. There are also available different options to meet diverse client needs.

3. Bot Penguin:

Bot Penguin AI Chatbot Platforms

With this platform, you can create chatbots with lead generation in mind. Its bots can be trained based upon diverse target use cases. The latter might vary ranging from lead generation to answering FAQs, managing sales counter and scheduling meetings.

4. Botsify:

Botsify AI Chatbot Platforms

This AI-powered, fully managed, chatbot platform allows you to develop powerful chatbots meant for certain use-cases. It has over 4 million users as well as 83k bots developed till date, thus making it a popular choice among businesses.

5. Tidio:

Tidio AI Chatbot Platform

Beginners without prior coding experience can create an amazing customer experience with Tidio platform. It is considered to be a powerful, all-in-one, customer service tool. Setting it up is also quite easy. Provide basic information. Then choose from any of the available 21 languages.

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6. Pandorabots:

Pandorabots AI Chatbot Platforms

This open source chatbot framework allows you to develop artificial intelligence powered chatbots. It can be used for messaging apps, mobile applications and the web. Based on AI Markup Language (AIML), it can be used to develop conversational, sleek bots.

7. Aivo:

Aivo AI Chatbot Platforms

It is considered to be an excellent customer service solution offering quick solutions. You may also control your own time while deriving personalized answers for queries made. Its offerings are divided as Live, Engage and AgentBot.

8. WATI:

WATI AI Chatbot Platform AI Chatbot Platforms

In case your Ecommerce Website customers are WhatssApp-based, then without a single code, you can establish WhatsApp chatbot. It also allows automation of nature sequences. Broadcast Messages is a neat feature offered.

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9. Manychat:

Manychat AI Chatbot Platforms

This chatbot builder is rather customized to help you meet your customers on SMS, Facebook Messenger or Instagram. It has numerous impressive features like A/B testing, drip messaging, message broadcasting, etc.

10. Chatbot.com:

Chatbot AI Chatbot Platform

It is considered to be the market’s oldest player and an all-in-one platform. Using this tool, chatbots can be created across diverse platforms with ease. It has a visual drag & drop builder interface.

The above are the top AI Chatbot Platforms that you may consider going through. Identify your specific business needs and accordingly make the choice.

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