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10 Steps to Build an Effective Automation Testing Strategy for Businesses in 2022

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You may desire to come up with automation testing techniques for your business. It is important to achieve your set goals and will be possible only if you learn the techniques. There are several steps involved in the process that you should be aware of. For this, you need a solid Business Plan.

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Steps involved in effective Automation Testing Strategy

1. Automation crucial but cannot provide solution for everything:

It is necessary to select the most appropriate tool for the job. But this alone cannot help automate everything. They only ease the process. Skilled resources will be essential to complete entire process. Skilled resources can overcome issues developing with automation tools and smoothen the process.

2. Dedicated automation team or engineer:

Manual testers should not carry out test automation. If the need arises, then should not be in charge for manual testing work. Understand that test automation requires their full dedication, effort and is a time-consuming process. Hence, dedicated resources will be essential. At least an automation architect should be part of the team.

Dedicated automation team or engineer Automation Testing

3. Know the to-be tested application:

Tool selection is likely to be based upon the technologies used by your product. Hence, it will be necessary to understand your product thoroughly. Know the supported browsers, for your web application and Cloud-based Technology. For desktop application, understand the language used.

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4. Choose familiar automation tools:

Use a particular language that your resources understand well. There is no use on adopting a tool that fails to offer the same to write scripts. It does take time to learn any language. Choose a tool that provides minimal learning curve to avoid learning.

5. Identify automation-based opportunities:

Avoid automating manual test case. Rather, identify opportunities and try to expand its scope. Also find out how you can use Artificial Intelligence to your advantage. Opportunities that are manually tough should be implemented with automation like performance benchmarks, load testing scenarios, high precision tests, memory leaks, etc.

6. Excellent manual test case:

A powerful, well-written manual test case can help save from automating those easy to automate. However, they should be weak enough to identify defects. Remember, automating without having a good test design is only likely to cause plenty of activities, however, of little value. Find out how Cloud-based Technology can prove to be useful.

7. If alternate available, then avoid GUI automation:

GUI automation Automation Testing

The latter is tougher when compared to other automated test types. GUI automation is better avoided if it is possible to achieve target without automating the GUI. You may choose to use other techniques such as command line inputs. Artificial Intelligence can make the process easier.

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8. Everything cannot be automated:

Automation involves running frequently fewer tests. Start small. This is best done by first attacking the smoke tests. Then cover up build acceptance tests and move to those frequently carried out tests and later to time-consuming tests. Ensure automating every test, thus allowing the manual tester to save valuable time to focus on vital aspects.

9. Automation is just a software development:

Developing quality software requires adhering to best practices. To come up with quality codes, there will be essential code reviews. Also should be followed design pattern or framework as well as constant maintenance. Basically, automation can be termed to be a software development.

10. Automation to serve useful purposes:

With automation it is possible to achieve myriads of things, not possible manually. It is not restricted to manual test case programming. Rather, it can help facilitate diverse operations essential in your business.

Automation Testing Strategy will be essential to ensure success. It should be carried out properly and correctly to benefit your organization.

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