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10 Luxury Resort Marketing Strategies To Succeed In 2022

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Any of the several marketing techniques employed by the hotel and tourism sector to advertise their establishments and stimulate customers’ interest is referred to as luxury resort marketing strategies. A well-thought-out plan will be created to accommodate the wide range of visitor preferences on a number of platforms. Luxury hotel marketing plans need to include a major emphasis on digital marketing in addition to conventional in-person advertising. A resort business may stand out from the crowd and beat the competition with the correct strategy.

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1. Security First

As COVID-19, 90% believe that it is crucial for hotels to maintain their safety policies. Any resort’s marketing plan should place a high premium on putting guests at ease by giving them information that there is a defined safety policy that is implemented.

2. Become A Destination For Staycations

Major hotel chains used it to rely on corporate travel for up to 70% of their revenues. However, corporate travel has drastically decreased as a result of COVID-19. Hotels and resorts must appeal to other categories of travelers to make up for the decrease in business travel. You can also boost about the investment opportunities.

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3. Private and Personalized Experiences

“Social distance” might be the defining concept of 2020, and it will still be true in 2021. A significant selling point for resort business marketing strategies have always been providing unique experiences that are catered to the demands of each individual guest. COVID-19 offers hotels the option to step up their game in this area.

4. Improve the User Experience on Your Hotel’s Website 

Improve the User Experience on Your Hotel's Website Luxury Resort

Your website is still a potent marketing tool when it comes to impressing customers with great travel business ideas. Prices, lodging availability, discounts, and booking options must be accessible to visitors online.

5. Offering Contactless Amenities and Facilities

Resort business may benefit from providing contactless access to rooms and amenities, as well as contactless check-ins and purchases. There are several alternatives for this, but one that you should not pass up is adding contactless check-ins and purchases to an app. This is a great travel business idea today too.

6. Be Easily Found Online – The Good SEO Rankings

You must ensure that your website design is keyword-optimized for search engines if you want it to perform well. With effective search engine optimization (SEO), a hotel has a chance to rank higher than rivals and draw in as many visitors as possible.

7. Personalization

Delivering personalized marketing messages is one of the finest methods to differentiate yourself from competitors. One effective technique to tailor your marketing to each consumer category is to use distinct images for the various traveler categories and experiences.

8. Get customer email addresses

Collecting visitor information is crucial to creating a devoted customer base. Contrary to what you might believe, many hotels find this process to be a little more complicated. The way OTAs operate is one barrier to collecting guest contact details. When a guest makes a reservation through an OTA, the hotel only receives a disguised email address.

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9. Send individualized emails

Send individualized emails Luxury Resort

Once you have a list of email addresses, create some advertisements! One of the best methods for promoting a hotel has been email marketing. It entails keeping a mailing list focusing on various segments of the market and sending tailored messages to your target audience.

10. Offer rewards for direct reservations

The best option for hotels to obtain reservations is direct, as they avoid paying commissions to a third party and have much more investment opportunities to cross-sell or upsell to customers.


As you can see, the basis of each of these hotel marketing techniques is providing value and wonderful visitor experiences. More satisfied visitors and more reservations will result from knowing your target market, offering outstanding service at every opportunity, being found online, and experimenting with different marketing strategies.

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