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10 Best Education Apps

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Educational apps have become a household term now. With the onset of this global pandemic, everything has moved online. From hospitals to schools, everything is now online. Educational apps and the Edtech industry has been growing over the past few years and the pandemic just catalyzed the whole process. The education sector has undergone a paradigm shift over the years. There are a lot of educational apps available that are making a significant difference in teaching and learning. 

There are a host of advantages associated with different educational apps. Let us take a look at the main benefits of educational apps and online learning apps that are helping teachers and students alike:

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Benefits of Educational Apps

  • Simplifies communication-with educational apps, teachers can stay connected with the students as well as their parents and communicate with them easily.
  • Easy community building-A classroom is essentially a community. A community that comprises teachers, students, and parents. Educational apps help to build and develop communities with ease.
  • Timely Feedback- Educational apps help teachers to provide prompt and timely feedback. This helps students to understand whether they are doing things right, where they need to improve, and likewise.
  • Track Progress- with real-time reports and dashboards, teachers and parents can track the progress of their children and alter methodologies accordingly.

Online education has many advantages over the traditional method of education. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, wide variety of options to name a few. 

Today we will be looking at 10 amazing educational apps that are helping teachers and students altogether.

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Teachmint is a one-stop solution for online teaching. It is one of the best apps for teachers and tutors. Being a free educational app, one would think that the features are limited. However, with a long list of brilliant features like automatic attendance marking, live class recording, online whiteboard, classroom management, and admin tools, it is a boon for teachers. It is a simple, secure, and efficient platform that is catering to the needs of the teachers and students alike. With the minimum consumption of internet data, this No.1 online teaching app has become the favorite of teachers in a very short span of time. Teachmint stands out from the rest of the crowd in all the right ways. This Indian app is edgy and brilliant in all possible ways.

2. StudyBlue Flashcards

This is a one of a kind educational app that helps both teachers and students. It is predominantly used by students and is a blessing during the time of exams. By helping the students to create digital flashcards and study material, this app makes learning fun, easy, and effective. Students generally make use of these digital flashcards to memorize their lessons better. 

As mentioned, it is helpful for teachers as well. Student engagement is a major concern for teachers across the globe. It helps teachers to make their lessons interesting and increase student engagement effectively. It is an online educational app that helps to analyze and track progress, set reminders, conduct quizzes, and more. In addition to this,it helps to customize study materials with images and videos.

3. MyScript Calculator

This is an interesting educational app for teachers and students. People are usually scared of mathematics and problems. This educational app is similar to that of a calculator but different.

It is a fun math app. It allows the user to write mathematical problems with eitherafinger or a stylus. The app will then convert the writing and solve the problem by itself.  It makes problem-solving fun and easy. It can support an array of arithmetic operations like basic algebra, basic trigonometry, basic arithmetic, and some other stuff as well. 

4. Quizizz

This app helps teachers to create interactive quizzes and share them with the students. It is very useful for teachers and they can use it to break the monotony in class. This helps in making the classes interactive and interesting. Students can learn better with such activities.

5. Seesaw

Seesaw is an extraordinary application for teachers and students, and even parents at the same time. It ensures that there is enough networking. With its highlights, Seesaw encourages instructors to get a thorough understanding of how much the students have learned and where they remain in the expectation. 

6. Tick Tick

Tick Tick is essentially a to-do list app and it is simple to use. Students and teachers can make a list of the things on their schedule on this app. It helps teachers and students to stay on top of the things that they have scheduled. Another advantage of this app is that it helps to integrate calendars and this guarantees that the students and teachers don’t miss their deadlines and activities. The ‘easy to use’ framework of the app makes it all the more useful. It is a simple reminder app.

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7. Remind

This is yet another educational app. As the name suggests it is quintessentially a reminder app.  And is beneficial for both teachers and students. The students can be ahead of their deadlines. It is also used by teachers to engage and communicate with their students.

8. DuoLingo

Duolingo is one of the best learning apps for students. This is an educational app that helps students to learn a new language. What makes Duolingo stand out from the rest of the crowd is that the lessons and sessions are gamified and make learning easier and engaging. It is helpful for teachers as well. A lot of educational institutions include Duolingo in the classroom because, with the dashboards and reports that this app provides, teachers can keep a track of the student’s progress.

9. Animoto

Animoto is a very useful educational app. It helps with animations and creating high-quality videos. Students can use this for creating presentations and teachers can use this to make classes more interesting and engaging. With this app, online teaching and online learning become easier.

10. Kahoot

Kahoot is a one of a kind educational app. It helps gamify education. It helps to host games using videos and reach students outside the classroom. The teaching and learning process becomes more effective with this app.


We have discussed 10 of the best educational apps available for teachers and students. No matter how great the app is, you have to use it sensibly and responsibly to make the best of it. There has been a marked increase in the number of people taking and conducting online classes. Online education is a relatively new term and it is a big step. With these brilliant educational apps and online learning apps, online education is entering a new dimension. 

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