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ReputationDefender Vs. OneRep: Which One Protects Your Digital Privacy Better During This Information Gold Rush

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It’s easy to take your digital privacy for granted—password apps and two-factor authentication give a false sense of being protected online. In this ReputationDefender vs. OneRep review, we dive deep into digital privacy.

Advertisers and data brokers are working overtime to sell your information to the highest bidder. And these online privacy professionals are here to stop that from happening.

We spent 48 hours reviewing both companies and today we peel back the curtain on specific reasons one is worth considering over the other, depending on your needs.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

ReputationDefender: An Overview

Background and history

Since 2006, ReputationDefender has been at the forefront of online reputation management. Michael Fertik founded it, with the primary mission to assist everyone who needs enhancement and preservation of their digital footprint. Digital privacy is just one of the services they offer.

ReputationDefender has continuously developed and expanded its service offering over time, thanks to its progressive approach and unwavering dedication to staying abreast of the rapidly transforming digital landscape. Furthermore, ReputationDefender strongly advocates for fair representation on the Internet for all individuals and entities alike.

Services offered

Business and personal reputation management: ReputationDefender provides an extensive lineup of personal and business reputation management services aimed at improving and protecting the online profiles of individuals, executives, small organizations, and major corporations. These solutions can be purchased individually as VIP services or as a package.

Digital privacy: Personal data exposure makes you susceptible to cybercrime. ReputationDefender audits reveal 300+ instances of exposed personal data online that can be leaked, dispersed, and accessible to hackers and criminals.

That’s why their experts conduct ongoing surveillance and purge your personal data from dozens of online databases and other sources. Their attentiveness to your personal data helps prevent you from becoming a statistic because your identity is being dragged through the mud.

Personal branding: ReputationDefender helps you develop and defend your online persona. Content designed for social media or search engines can be designed to showcase your strengths along with other characteristics to impress people searching for you.

Executive protection: Taking precautions like removing sensitive data from websites gives your executive team peace of mind and makes your network far more secure.

VIP services: Using these services gives you one-on-one treatment. When you inform ReputationDefender of your specific requirements, they can tailor a more robust package just for you or your company. To get a quote for this service, you’ll need to call up one of their reputation management professionals and talk to them on the phone.

Services offered reputationdefender vs. Onerep

Pricing and plans

Clear plan pricing is spelled out for ReputationDefender. They make it simple to get started by catering to different needs you might have for yourself, your family, or your company.

Plans available:

  1. Search Results
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Digital Privacy
  4. Executive Protection
  5. VIP Services

The one service without a price is VIP services, as it’s tailored to your specific goals. To find pricing, visit a solutions page, learn how the service operates, and see clear pricing for the said solution at the bottom of the page. This will keep you on budget as you know exactly what your online reputation investment is based on your needs.

Here’s an example:

Digital Privacy: This is a plan that wipes your personal information clean from the internet. ReputationDefender offers a tiered plan structure

There are four plans:

  • Essentials
  • Select
  • Preferred
  • Premium

Each plan gives you several unique features included. For instance, phone number protection, over 100 sources of private information removed, and a personal privacy concierge.

As you move up in tiers, you receive additional features. Find pricing here.

You’ll find the same clear pricing for all other services (VIP excluded) on each solutions page.

Pros and cons


  • Flexible plans and pricing options
  • Large selection of reputation management solutions
  • 15+ years of positive results in the industry
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Personal privacy concierge


  • Higher price tag
  • Doesn’t work with everyone due to strict ethical guidelines

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room. ReputationDefender is expensive, depending on what you need.

But this is not an overnight success service, it’s a consistent grind to rank, create content, and get your image on the entire internet blemish-free.

If you don’t see the value in that or the amount of work that goes into reputation management, then their price will be considered high.

OneRep: An Overview

Background and history

OneRep is a privacy protection company that offers online privacy management services to help people maintain control over their personal information. The company was founded in 2015 by Dimitri Shelest and is headquartered in Virginia.

They believe privacy should be affordable to everyone who wants it, and that’s what drives this privacy-focused company to keep innovating and offering safety to individuals, families, and business teams.

Services offered

This fully automated platform removes your, your family, or your business team members’ private records from people-search sites. OneRep is all about making sure your private information is removed from the internet and doesn’t come back.

They also offer services for small businesses and corporations that provide improved privacy protection for executives and professionals who are vulnerable to cyberattacks and stalking.

This service is also highlighted for dating services. OneRep offers an exclusive service to help these companies protect their users.

Pricing and plans

Pricing is straightforward, which makes sense since they offer one service. You can pay monthly or annually.

Making a one-time payment can save 40%. If you pay monthly, you are charged much more over the year, so the annual payment is tempting.

There are three plans:

  • Yourself
  • Your family (up to 6 people)
  • Your team (business account of 10+ people)

The biggest thing that separates OneRep from many other ORMs is they have a monthly subscription because it’s an ongoing service, so pricing is easier to stick with because it’s more affordable.

Pros and cons


  • Personal data is searched and removed from over 190+ data-broker sites
  • Affordable monthly plans for individuals and families
  • Protects entire business teams


  • No customization of anything because it’s all automated
  • No full scan of the internet, just the data-brokers database they have
  • A- rating on BBB
  • No live customer support
  • No personal privacy concierge

Key Factors When Comparing ReputationDefender and OneRep

When comparing both providers, there is a wide gap in service and quality in our opinion. The removal of private information from data brokers is offered by both providers.

According to our research, Reputation Defender offers a much better service, as their results on Trustpilot are 4.8 overall with 240 reviews as of April 2023. For OneRep, they have a 3.2 overall rating with only two reviews as of April 2023.

The key factors here are if you’re looking for a complete reputation management experience, ReputationDefender does quite well with the service they provide.

OneRep offers a great, affordable, and simplified way to keep your privacy online safe.  However, it seems like it doesn’t always work.

Content removal service

Both providers offer the removal of content from data brokers. Though OneRep is much clearer on the actual amount of data brokers they target (197), ReputationDefender provides 100+ resources removed online.

We suggest finding out the number of sites ReputationDefender reviews and if the reporting they give you shows the number of sites or brokers your personal information was removed from.

Customer feedback

As we mentioned earlier, the feedback from customers about ReputationDefender has been consistent for years (over 15). They get results, providing service to individuals, large companies, and VIPs.

For OneRep, they have two reviews on Trustpilot as of April 2023 and none on G2.com, two of the most popular and trusted review sites online. They do have over 70 reviews on Google with a 4.4 rating, so clearly they are providing a service that some find helpful.

Customer feedback reputationdefender

Customer service and support

You can email, chat, or call support for OneRep, according to their site and other sites online. However, complaints of the phone number being invalid and not receiving responses back litter the internet and the Better Business Bureau website.

So, it might be wise to confirm contact information and average response time if customer service and support are important to you.

ReputationDefender gives you an expert (personal privacy concierge) you can reach whenever you have a question about your plan or digital privacy.

They also are available through the customer service number or support email.

Customization and flexibility of services

ReputationDefender does have a VIP service that allows you to customize what you need if the structured plans available are not what you’re looking for.

You also can customize your content plan and make sure it sounds and feels like you before it’s optimized and ranked on Google.

Customizations with OneRep only happen for business account plans that protect 10 or more employees. Custom pricing and service are also specific to dating service companies that want to protect their users.

Additional features and offerings

ReputationDefender offers one of the best services for reputation management. On top of that, you can get website creation and minor social media management regarding content planning.

There are no additional services for OneRep. They remove personal data from the internet. That’s it. They scan, remove, and monitor the same sites to ensure your information stays off.

Pricing and value for the money

As far as needing only personal data removed from the internet, the value is incredible for OneRep. However, you are only getting that service. It’s all automated, and no other websites are scanned.

But if that’s all you need, then they might be a better fit for you.

When you look at what you’re getting from ReputationDefender, it’s much more. You get a personal privacy concierge, over 100+ sources removed, personal reporting, and eight other services.

So, though it’s more expensive, you’re getting services that are not offered by OneRep at all.

You must consider your budget, what your digital privacy needs are, and the quality you want to receive for your money.

Making Your Decision: Choosing the Right Digital Privacy Solution for Your Needs

Your final choice often will depend on what you value most in the long run.

Since this will most likely be a company you work with for many months and even years, choosing an organization to advocate for you, your brand, and your future is a big deal.

So, there are two big questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to protect and maintain your digital privacy with a team of experts who have been getting results for almost two decades?
  • Or do you want to make things automated, pay a smaller fee per month, but receive no expert feedback or hands-on experience?

Assessing your unique situation and requirements

It’s based on your needs and what you feel works best for you.

What are your goals and your budget? Once you know that, it will be easier to select the features and benefits most important to you and make a confident decision from there.

Tips for making the most of your chosen digital privacy solution

There are several things you can do to improve your digital privacy online while working with an expert provider. It’s important to remember, that once your personal information is available online, getting it removed is the first step.

Then, the following actions become much more useful in preventing your information from being manipulated.

A strong password manager can help you create secure passwords, check your accounts for breaches, offer suggestions for improving weak passwords, and sync your passwords across devices.

Advertisers have found new ways to invade your digital privacy to obtain and sell your personal information.

So, reviewing and adjusting your privacy settings across platforms and devices, as well as making use of tools like privacy-focused search engines and ad-blockers, can help you avoid unwanted data gathering.

Turn on secure connections (HTTPS) to protect your information while it’s in transit to and from websites.

Also, protect yourself by being careful about the apps you use and download to your phone. Cell phones are major targets. Here’s an article to read if you want to learn more about how to protect your privacy when using your cell phone.

Software patches and other changes are typically rolled into updates, so it’s crucial to keep your software and devices up to date to avoid security holes and get the most out of them.

Learn as much as you can about online privacy and security so you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your data.

Final Thoughts

Your online privacy is up to you to protect because your information is the most valuable thing for sale on the internet. ReputationDefender and OneRep both give you ways to put a padlock on your privacy and monitor it daily to make sure your family or business stays secure.

OneRep is best for quick, automated, and affordable privacy protection that focuses on one thing, removing personal data from data-broker websites. If that’s all you need, reach out to OneRep today.

ReputationDefender is for you if you need a more comprehensive and detailed approach that manages your online privacy. Plus, different tier-level plans give you even more protection. Start a conversation with your personal privacy expert today.

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