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Registering A Business In Portugal: How To Simplify The Process?

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Do you want to open your own company in Portugal? In this case, it is a great idea to plan everything in advance. If you do not want to come across too many difficulties, there is a sense in considering such an option as asking the service provider to help you with opening a company in Portugal. Let’s take a look at this process then.

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Why Is This Way of Establishing a Company in Portugal Preferable?

The first and foremost reason is that you are going to be able to save time. And, this is the most precious resource today! There is no such aspect as waiting in lines in case you choose the variant of opening your company online.

Apart from this, you do not have to make any extra effort. It means that you can be involved in something else in the meanwhile.

What is more, it is just great to have a helping hand. The qualified experts are about to assist you with all aspects of establishing your own company. And, you will be just watching and taking part if you want to!

Finally, the experts are well aware of legal points that are linked to establishing your own company which is really nice. So, you do not risk anything when starting a collaboration.

What Shall You Start with?

It is really important to find the right service provider. This is going to determine the success of the process of opening a company in Portugal. Here is what you can check so as to be sure of the fine quality of the service you are about to come across:

1. The description of the service. It has to be as fulfilling as possible. You should be able to familiarize yourself with the procedure and the list of documents that have to be provided. Everything must be given in a clear and “user-friendly” way.

2. The deadlines. Certainly, you do not want to wait for too long till your company is established. That is why get acquainted with the deadlines in advance and see whether they fit in your plans or not.

3. The price. It is a great idea to compare the cost offered by a particular provider with the pricing that is suggested by the competitors. It is a nice chance to evaluate the adequacy of the cost.

All of this will surely help you to select the right intermediary. Once the completion of this task is over, you get really close to business register Portugal.

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What Will the Process of Opening a Company Look Like?

What Will the Process of Opening a Company Look Like Portugal business register

Follow the sequence of steps to take that is thought to be rather typical for those who decide to open their companies with the help of a good intermediary.

1. First of all, it is vital to make sure you have proper documents. They are vital for the creation of your own company. Normally, those are NIF and a scan of your passport. These docs have to be uploaded to the official site of the provider. As for NIF, it has to be received in advance. There are a few ways to do this but the easiest one is asking the service provider to help you with this too.

2. Then, clients need to submit the application form. It will take no longer than several minutes. Apart from this, all future business owners have to pay a fee for opening a company this way. It can differ from one provider to another. But surely, you need to stick to the cost that is okay for you.

3. Now, it is time to expect the results of this undertaking. It is great when you are informed about the period of five days. It is considered to be fast.

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However, it is important to realize that you are likely to come across slight changes when speaking of the completion of the service. It may take a bit longer to open a company. But a good provider will certainly notify you about the changes to face. And, if you are facing a reliable intermediary, there is surely nothing to worry about.

Note that as soon as your company is opened, somebody will have to be responsible for accounting in it. In most cases, this is not what the business owners have time for. Apart from this, the accounting has to be performed in accordance with the Portuguese laws that have to be kept in mind. That is why there is a sense in asking the intermediary to help with this too. You will receive qualitative assistance and be sure of great results. Just check that a particular provider is ready to offer such help.

So, this is what the simple process of opening a company in Portugal looks like. Break a leg!

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