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Reasons Why the Parylene Coating is a Popular Choice for Product Designers

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When it comes to conformant coatings, parylene stands front and center as the top choice for many manufacturers and product designers.

This is not a surprise for those who handle parylene-based applications on a regular basis. With the polymer’s elusive combination of high performance and easy application, it truly surpasses many other materials in its category.

But for those who have not dealt with a parylene coating, this opens doors to a world of questions: Why is parylene so popular? What type of features does it bring to the table? And most importantly, how can it benefit specific manufacturing use cases?

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To help you find helpful answers to these inquiries, here are 7 reasons why parylene is a popular choice of material for product designers in various industries.

1. The Material is the Epitome of Waterproof Technology

Parylene is a hydrophobic material that repels water and other liquids such as acids. But its effectiveness doesn’t end there. With its composition and coverage properties, the material can easily prevent water, moisture, and even water vapors from seeping under its protective coating.

When parylene is applied to a component, it can provide ideal coverage against water damage to any type of structure underneath. This also includes highly intricate devices such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), which can get damaged with the slightest exposure to water.

This is why out of all common conformal coatings, parylene is considered the most effective option for waterproofing applications. This puts parylene at the top of the list for many product designers who seek optimal protection against water exposure.

2. It Doesn’t Require High Temperatures to Apply to a Surface

Many conformant coatings require high-temperature applications in order to properly stick to the respective component. This can damage the base material and risks the loss of valuable resources during the manufacturing process.

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On the other hand, parylene applications are performed at moderate temperatures. This ensures that you can get maximum protection without adding undue stress to your base material. This is especially relevant for delicate materials that are easily damaged under duress.

As a result, parylene coating surpasses many other conformant materials in terms of combining ease of use with ideal efficacy. Since the coating comes with a promise of optimal coverage and protection, it’s not a difficult choice for product designers to select parylene in their applications.

parylene coating

3. It is Approved for Medical Applications

Parylene is not only highly durable and waterproof, but it is completely safe to interact with living organisms. This is why it’s also approved for use by top experts in biotech and medical applications.

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Since parylene is able to keep moisture and organic liquids away from the components it is applied on, it is regularly used in various medical devices. This includes surgical devices such as stents, but it is also extended to intensive use applications such as pacemakers.

As a result, parylene is seen as a highly sought after material in the healthcare industry. This encourages product designers in the medical field to consider and use parylene in their proposed devices.

4. The Material Holds Its Own Against Saltwater

Several conformant coatings, gaskets, and seals render unusable when putting to the test against saltwater. This provides a challenge to manufacturers across various industries, especially when their products are prone to be used around the ocean or saltwater pools.

Parylene coating is more effective in holding its own against saltwater than many other conformant coatings. Where other materials break down within a few hours of continuous exposure, parylene can last days.

This allows product designers to ensure long-lasting protection in the face of difficult scenarios. This particular aspect also goes a long way towards unlocking new use cases and product features that would otherwise remain unavailable without parylene.

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5. It Prevents Corrosion in Various Applications

Several conformant coatings are unable to completely ward off oxygen and other gases from their respective components. But parylene stands tall in providing complete protection in this aspect. As a result, it also excels in preventing corrosion.

This is quite helpful for materials that are highly reactive to oxygen and other gases. This includes common metals that are widely used across various consumer and industrial devices.

By using parylene against such components, product designers can make sure to extend their lifespan and prevent any problems that can stem out of long term use. Since parylene coating doesn’t expose the material to pressure or high temperature, it delivers ideal protection without added risks.

6. Parylene is an Easily Accessible Material

Despite being a highly sought after conformant coating, parylene is widely accessible for manufacturers across various industries. This makes way for high volume production cycles that also steer clear of unnecessary interruptions.

By considering the material in their applications, product designers can make the most out of their proposed plans without adding any difficulties to the manufacturing process. This allows timely and problem-free production, which helps fulfill market demands for high-performance products.

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If you or your team are currently looking for a premium conformant coating that is free of any manufacturing complexities, considering parylene would not disappoint. With its exceptional features, undeniable durability, and easy availability, the material can help you boost the efficacy of your designs to meet your expectations.

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