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Putin Predicts That Russia’s Oil And Gas Income Will Increase In The Near Future

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Being shunned by the West allowed Russia to last year reroute its powerful oil exports to Asia, amass a fleet of tankers free from Western sanctions, and adopt evasion techniques previously developed by its allies Iran and Venezuela. The plan was successful; according to official data, President Vladimir V. Putin not only kept but greatly increased the money from energy exports. He may also have raised more funds from the covert oil trade that might be used to fund the war effort.

But it’s uncertain whether Russia can continue to outwit attempts to cut off oil revenue. There are indications that the Western regulations that went into force in December—an embargo on the majority of sales to Europe and a price cap on Russian petroleum supplied to other countries—are starting to have a significant impact on energy revenues.

Putin claims that Russia’s oil and gas income will increase in the upcoming month. By the conclusion of the second quarter, Russia’s oil and gas income would increase, according to President Vladimir Putin, who also noted that “positive trends” in the economy were accelerating as a result of rising international oil prices.

The policy of gradually tightening oil sanctions, intended to reduce Russia’s oil export revenues without eradicating a flimsy global financial recovery, might take years to see results, according to analysts.

Since the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies, including Russia, shocked the market this week with additional output targets cutbacks from May, oil futures have increased by more than 5%.ths

The first quarter of this year saw a $29 billion budget deficit for Russia, partly as a result of declining income from its vital oil exports, which have been the target of Western sanctions.

Putin praised the Russian economy’s tenacity in the face of Western sanctions at a televised government meeting.

He claimed that in the first three months of 2023, Russia’s oil and gas revenues, a significant component of the state budget, had decreased by almost 1.3 trillion roubles ($15.8 billion).

Russia's oil and gas Russian economy

$1 is equivalent to 82.1455 roubles. “It is anticipated that the situation will evolve by the end of the second quarter as a result of increased oil prices. The budget will start to get more money from oil and gas sales, according to Putin.

The International Monetary Fund earlier on Tuesday warned that Russia’s budget deficit and current account surplus could both dramatically widen this year, while the country’s future prospects for growth are dimmed by its isolation from the rest of the world and decreased energy income.

The IMF increased its GDP prediction for Russia for 2023 to a growth of 0.7% from 0.3% but decreased its prognosis for 2024 to a growth of 1.3% from a growth of 2.1%, stating that it also anticipated workforce shortages and the migration of Western corporations would impair the country’s economy. The global energy market is changing as a result of restrictions on Russia’s oil trading, which are escalating the stakes in a lengthy economic conflict.

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