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Public Awareness: How Vaping Is Better Than Smoking?

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In the recent decade, e-cigarette sales have seen substantial growth. Most chain smokers with the intent to quit tobacco products have moved to vape kits. This is due to the proven fact that vapours coming out of vapes contain very few toxins as compared to tobacco smoke.

Due to rapid growth and increased interest by students in high and middle school. There are some concerns with high-nicotine vaping devices. Using such products without understanding the consequences can be harmful. People with high nicotine requirements per day often use Nic Salts to curb the addiction, but must be done with a piece of pro advice.

Why Vaping Is Less Dangerous Than Smoking?

A normal tobacco cigarette produces more than 7,000 different chemicals which we inhale. On the other hand, e-cigarettes heat up e-liquids containing flavours, nicotine, PG and VG. Currently, we don’t have each and every detail about every element present in vape clouds, but all experts agree on the fact that vape kit produce fewer toxic chemicals than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Even the cases where people got affected by vaping showed that all of them were using modified vaping devices or e-liquids. CDC has found that all the people affected with lung injury have traces of vitamin E acetate in lung fluid. This chemical is used in THC vaping products as a thickening agent.

Why vaping is less dangerous than smoking thc vaping

All Health Authorities recommend:

1. To not use vaping products which contain THC.

2. Do not buy or take vaping devices or e-liquid from friends, family, or other informal sources.

3. Never add custom substances to vape kits that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Is Switching From Traditional Cigarettes To Vapes Good?

There are many pieces of research and studies available that prove switching from a traditional cigarette to an e-cigarette is beneficial. For example, one study reveals that an improvement in endothelial function has been seen in people after switching to vaping.

Just one month after switching, the results were amazing. A visible improvement has been noticed in endothelial function and vascular stiffness. Moreover, after comparing two groups of males and females, the researchers noticed female group benefited more. However, people who curb their desire to switch back to traditional cigarettes have seen better results.

Long-Term Effects Of Vapes:

Although there is not much available on this topic, this does not mean that vapes are completely safe. The NHS says that vape kits and e liquid are 95% safer than conventional cigarettes. Due to limited research in this area, the long-term effects of vaping are unknown, yet. That is why vaping is not recommended to smokers; it is only the best and safest alternative to smoking.

In A Word:

Vaping is better than traditional tobacco cigarettes. But in the long term, you may get addicted to it if you were a non-smoker in the first place. So, keep in mind that there are risks too. The health department in the United Kingdom also admits that vapes are a proven effective way to quit smoking.

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