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Price2Spy’s Path To Success In A Dynamic E-commerce Environment

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Decades ago, sellers used to manually strive for the ideas of their competitors at each striking point so that they could come up with something more effective and efficient to retaliate with great force. Now that the world has changed into a technologically advanced place, it’s a piece of cake for everyone to benefit from human creation. Pricing was one of the essential factors for a business to overshadow its competitor in the same field, and with no such technology to keep track of the others’ strategies, it was one heck of a job. But not anymore. Price2Spy’s an online price comparison and pricing tool that allows small to large online retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to watch their competitors’ prices.

Keeping in mind the problems of online marketers and traders, a price comparison tool was brought into the limelight. It’s an honor to say that Price2Spy is one of the online price comparison and pricing tools that allow small to large online retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to monitor, analyze pricing data, and reevaluate products.

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Inaugurated by Misha Krunic back in 2011, Price2Spy was born out of sheer necessity when the founder of one of the stores needed a way to monitor its competitors’ prices. In spring 2011, when Price2Spy was launched, it was at that time the 3rd online pricing monitoring tool that, too, globally, and since then, it has successfully sustained the top position in the e-commerce market.

The digital tool founder, MishaKrunic, has an MSc degree in Computer Science and thanks to his knowledge in the digital field and interest in computer science, he apparently has an understanding of potential targets in the upcoming days. Being the only initial force behind the concept, Price2Spy, the price-comparing tool, which now makes 95% of WEBCentric’s turnover, is at

Following its achievements and goal, Price2Spy has its main focus on online retailers who are also their largest client group.

Currently monitoring more than 97K websites worldwide and having 700+ satisfied customers, the advanced software helps its consumers stay competitive by keeping a close eye on their competitors. Price2Spy’s second-largest client groups are the brands/manufacturers who use the tool to monitor how their retailers are pricing the products. Last but foremost, their third-largest users are Web/marketing agencies who utilize Price2Spy as a source of data they process and present to their clients.

From the very beginning of its launch, Price2Spy has been profitable without facing any significant hardships. Proceeding to invest in its development by listening to its client’s feedback, Price2Spy’s sincerity and dedication helped its profits grow exponentially in the first few years.

But what’s a business without any challenges, right? While their profit was still on a climbing path, Price2Spy faced a sudden fall in their growth when the market got saturated with a similar tool in the past few years. No, that wasn’t the end of its journey. No matter what, the company strived to deal with the possible outcomes and manage their clients, soon achieving positive results with admirable ease.

While Price2Spy focuses on being one of the most efficient price comparison tools there will be in the market, it urges its customers with a simple request: to recognize them as being one of the pioneers on the market when it comes to price monitoring and developing techniques that help to monitor any website in any language, country or currency.

With reference to Price2Spy’s future strategy and aspiration, the price comparison tool wants to encourage people who are a part of the eCommerce market to give them a chance while taking advantage of their 30-day free trial period. Regardless of their business category status, whether they are retailers or manufacturers, Price2Spy will find the most suitable solution for their needs. Therefore, if they are struggling with making the right pricing decisions and staying ahead of their competition, Price2Spy is the correct address for them.

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