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PocketSmith Review: Is This Personal Finance App Right for You?

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PocketSmith is a finance app that helps users manage their money. This Pocketsmith review will explain its features, and whether it’s the right tool for you. Let’s dive in!

PocketSmith Overview

PocketSmith stands out in the realm of personal finance software due to its focus on providing users with visually appealing and intuitive ways to understand their finances. A major advantage is its capability to aggregate all user accounts, ensuring individuals have a holistic view of their financial situation at any given time. PocketSmith is not just about tracking spending habits; it also keeps tabs on credit and investment accounts, making it a comprehensive tool for personal finance. Its predictive feature aids users in preparing for their financial future, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Efficiency is another significant aspect of the app, as it provides features such as automated transaction importing and categorization from a vast array of banks and institutions, spanning over 14,000 entities globally. Users can even set their personalized rules to further tailor the app to their specific needs, ensuring PocketSmith efficiently manages their finances with minimal input. Despite its broad functionality, potential users should be aware that the free version of the app might have limitations compared to its paid counterparts and other free financial apps.

Key Features

  • Live Bank Feeds: Say goodbye to manual data entries. PocketSmith imports your banking activity automatically. No more tedious hand entries. All you have to do is link your account, and you’re good to go.
  • Multiple Account Management: Have several bank accounts? No worries. The PocketSmith app allows users to import multiple accounts from the same bank. It’s family-friendly, even if many members have different accounts.
  • Auto-Categorization: PocketSmith goes beyond just tracking your expenses. It organizes them! It automatically sorts most of your transactions into useful categories, saving you even more time.
  • Search and Organization: Easily find your transactions with PocketSmith’s robust tools. Users can label, annotate, and search transactions efficiently.
  • Wide Bank Support: Whether you’re in the US, UK, or any of the 49 supported countries, chances are PocketSmith has you covered. It supports over 14,000 banks worldwide.


The platform offers three main plans:

  • Basic: This is a free plan but with limited features. Data collection in this plan is manual, and users can set up to 12 budget limits and manage up to 2 accounts. Financial projections on this plan last for 6 months.
  • Premium: Priced at $9.95 per month, this plan introduces automatic data collection and the added advantage of both manual and automatic transaction categorization. Users can manage up to 10 accounts and have an unlimited budget limit. It’s worth noting that there’s a discount if paid annually, bringing the price down to $7.50 per month.
  • Super: This plan is available in three payment options – monthly at $19.95, quarterly at $44.95, and annually at $169.96. With the annual payment, the monthly effective cost is reduced to $14.16. This plan comes with unlimited account management and an unlimited budget limit. Both automatic and manual transaction categorization are available.


Opting for longer-term plans like the annual Super subscription can lead to savings of up to 29%. The best plan for you will hinge on your personal financial needs and the specific features you prioritize.

Comparing Pocketsmith With Other Platforms

Navigating the financial waters of today requires more than just intuition – it demands the right tools.

Tiller Money is a unique financial tool designed for those who love working with spreadsheets. It allows users to have complete control over their financial data, making it user-centric and adaptable. Unlike other financial applications, Tiller Money requires access to a computer for major edits and is more optimized for Google Sheets than Excel. Despite these conveniences, it has a limitation in detailed investment tracking. While Tiller keeps tabs on basic investment activities, it doesn’t offer detailed records for each investment, which might be a downside for traders who need comprehensive investment data.

Moneyfarm is a platform reviewed as an investment mechanism and is primarily focused on performance, charges, and portfolio returns. This implies that traders can use Moneyfarm for insight into investments, robo-advisory, and other financial metrics crucial for investment decision-making.

Playbook – As the name suggests, this platform provides strategies, or “playbooks”, designed to guide users through different financial scenarios. It’s less about the nitty-gritty of budgeting and more about overall financial strategy. Perfect for those seeking guidance without getting bogged down in daily details.

Contrasting these investment platforms’ focus, PocketSmith targets budgeting and financial forecasting. This platform offers features that help individuals see their financial futures distinctly and enhance their budgeting strategies. Hence, traders can use PocketSmith not just for transaction tracking, but also for forecasting future financial situations.

In the landscape of financial tools, it’s clear that a combination is essential. Just as each person’s financial needs are diverse, having a mix of tools ensures you’re equipped for every financial challenge.

PocketSmith Is The Right Choice For You!

This PocketSmith review shows that it’s a promising tool for those who want an efficient and comprehensive way to manage finances. While every tool has its strengths and limitations, it’s all about finding the right fit for your specific needs. PocketSmith might be the key to unlocking a clearer, more informed view of your financial future. Ready to take the next step?

Take control of your finances today. Try PocketSmith and see the difference for yourself! Click here to get started with PocketSmith now.

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