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How Physical Exercises Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

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We all know that physical exercises can help you to be fitter and healthier. It tones your body and helps you to lose weight. But did you know it could also help you become a better entrepreneur? Here’s how:

1. Exercise Keeps You Alert

If you get the afternoon slump during your working day, when you struggle to concentrate and stay motivated, a lunchtime jog around the block could be just what you need. Exercise increases blood flow around the body including to the brain. This sharpens your awareness, your ability to retain information, and your focus – attributes every entrepreneur needs in abundance.

2. Exercise Gives You an Energy Boost

When you’re feeling tired, exercise is usually the last thing you feel like doing. But this counterintuitive move could give you the energy boost you need. Forget that espresso or energy drink, performing even low-intensity exercise for 20 minutes a few times a day can reduce fatigue, as found by a University of Georgia study.

3. Exercise Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Every entrepreneur gets moments of doubt when they wonder if their brilliant idea really is so brilliant or if they have the skills to pull off a particular project. Exercise could help to limit these feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. As you develop an ability in a particular sport or activity, your confidence grows. A lighter, more toned physique can also help. When you have confidence in yourself, your employees and clients will see you in a similarly positive light.

Exercise boosts your self-esteem physical exercises

4. Exercise Alleviates Stress

Endless deadlines? A jam-packed diary? A to-do list the length of your arm? There are plenty of day-to-day stresses that can lead an entrepreneur to feel tense and worried. Exercise helps to alleviate this stress. As you move your body, your muscles and tendons become more relaxed. As the mind and body are so closely linked, your mind follows suit and begins to calm down.

5. Exercise Gives You Transferable Skills

When you dedicate yourself to a sport or activity, you need certain skills to reach each new level of ability. Pushing through to the end of that half marathon, finally being able to do a certain exercise in an advanced Pilates class, or beating your personal best in the pool requires determination, resilience, and focus. These are all skills that can be transferred to your working life.

6. Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

Many an entrepreneur has trouble getting to sleep at night. There are plenty of ideas and problems to think over and they all seem to crowd your head the moment it touches the pillow. Having a good night’s sleep improves your memory and your cognitive function. And exercise helps you to get the sleep you need. Your body becomes tired through physical activity but exercise also minimizes stress and anxiety, which are often responsible for keeping you awake.

7. Exercise Makes You More Creative

When you’re struggling to get those creative juices flowing, doing something as simple as walking could help. A Stanford University study found that participants who went for a walk saw an 81% increase in creativity. In fact, any regular physical activity can help you to think in a less linear fashion. So start conducting walking meetings or just head up and down the stairs a few times when your inspiration dries up.

Physical exercise doesn’t just benefit your body. It can also work wonders for your mind. Any entrepreneur on the hunt for success should incorporate physical exercise into their weekly or daily routine. Greater productivity, creativity and motivation could be just a run, swim or cycle away.

About Author: 

James Norwick is a sports enthusiast, fitness lover and healthy lifestyle promoter. He is also a blogger and a part of the team behind Bend + Mend – Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio.

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