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PayBito Introduces World’s First White Label Crypto Broker Platform for Global Enterprises

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Cryptocurrency originated in 2008 and has emerged to become a global phenomenon today. Financial institutions, MNCs, and even retail merchants are adopting and investing in cryptocurrencies to receive huge benefits. Despite the current global recession and the bearish crypto phase, the market stands at $992.66 billion. Brokers play a huge role, helping investors make the best of their investments in the crypto world. An international crypto exchange, PayBito introduced the first white-label crypto broker platform for business enterprises to take leverage of the booming global crypto markets.

What Does a Crypto Broker Do?

Cryptocurrency brokers are similar to conventional brokers- they can be an individual, firm, or an organization which acts as a medium between traders and the crypto market. A crypto broker may offer products or derivatives to traders where traders can enter the contract to understand the price of digital assets.

The crypto derivatives consist of crypto options like crypto futures, crypto contracts for differences, trading crypto, and more. In exchange for broker services, the platform charges a minimum premium for using the platform or may charge concession fees.

The white label crypto broker platform by PayBito offers an opportunity for institutional investors and crypto exchanges venturing into a crypto broker platform. PayBito itself is a globally acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange for experienced traders, professionals, and institutions.

What Makes PayBito’s Crypto Broker Platform an Important Addition to Your Business?

The crypto maximalist, and Chief of PayBito, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserted that “The aim behind the crypto broker platform was to provide a one-stop solution for institutional investors to grow and utilize business opportunities from crypto trading services”.

With PayBito the brokers can get instant access to a branded crypto exchange. The brokers can access 400+markets, 20 fiat currencies, and a one-month free trial.

“In the highly competitive market, Paybito believes in collaboration and not competition. The white label crypto broker platform will help institutional investors and exchanges to adopt the broker program with access to several benefits”, concluded Mr. Chowdhury.

Paybito’s Crypto Trading Platform Features

Here’s the extra edge that PayBito provides in its white-label crypto broker platform.

● Branded Exchange

With PayBito’s white-label crypto broker platform, you can access a branded crypto exchange with several digital asset trading options for users instantly.

● Banking Solution

PayBito provides an in-built crypto banking solution that helps to yield high returns and various other benefits that are available with the white label crypto broker platform.

● Crypto Payment Solution

With the adoption of PayBito’s white-label crypto broker platform, institutes can generate high revenues through several payment solutions that offer both fiat and crypto to users. PayBito offers cross-border payment transactions with a minimum charge for processing rather than conventional legacy services.

● Easy KYC

An instant KYC (Know Your Customer) solution for obtaining user information will help to keep your business with the latest national crypto regulatory frameworks around the globe.

● Liquidity Pools

One of the major issues that traders face with trading cryptocurrency, is liquidity issues. However, with PayBito’s white label crypto broker platform you can access the global platform and access the deepest crypto liquidity pool.

Crypto Broker Platform For Institutional Enterprises

There are over 300 million crypto asset owners around the world, with more than 20,000 crypto assets. However, there are only 500 crypto exchanges worldwide. PayBito’s white-label crypto broker program is currently the best venture option to capitalize on the global crypto craze. With rising global interest in crypto trading, the potential is huge for enterprises to venture into a crypto broker program and earn attractive commissions helping investors rake in profits. PayBito is the first exchange platform to recognize brokerage issues and address the problem by presenting a user-friendly and intuitive platform for crypto brokers with hassle-free installation. Click here for a free sign-up and know more.

In Conclusion

The US-based globally acclaimed crypto exchange PayBito is the first to introduce a white-label crypto broker platform for global enterprises. The exchange has lately enhanced its asset list, and also updated its desktop version for users, which is free to download.

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