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Options Pop Review: Is This Best for Technical Analysis?

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You often look for stock options with the potential for solid movement, ensuring profitable gains.

But here’s where the challenge arises: identifying these promising stocks. What might seem like a potential goldmine is often a dud, costing both time and money.

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Here’s the good news: platforms like Options Pop come to your rescue. They simplify the entire process, helping you pinpoint prime opportunities to maximize the benefits of call and put options leverage.

Your main task? Purchase and offload the suggested option contracts and watch your returns soar. Let’s delve deeper into this Options Pop review to find out more.

What are Options Pop Options Alerts?

At its core, Options Pop is an online tool sending you three weekly alerts about high-probability options trades that can offer substantial profits.

Every Wednesday, Options Pop buzzes with an alert. This alert specifies the company, the type of option (call or put), the expiration date, and even recommends the optimal option premium you should invest in.

It equips you with all the information you need before diving into a trade. And here’s the catch: some of these options might surge in price instantly, or sometimes over a week, but letting your contracts expire valueless isn’t what this tool is for.

How Do Options Pop Work?

One might wonder, how does Options Pop select these options? Their method is a blend of technical analysis (using undisclosed technical indicators like the stochastic indicator or the RSI stock indicator).

The goal is to identify stocks primed for significant movement within the next nine days. Once a potential stock is on the radar, they zero in on a call or put option, choosing the best strike price.

Then, the ideal option premium you should invest is calculated. All subscribers receive this golden information via text and email. As you can see, it’s a streamlined process.

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Options Pop Features

1. Trading Signals

You can access unique algorithms and technical analysis tailored to offer trading signals and alerts through Options Pop trading tools. What does this mean for you? It pinpoints potential short-term profit opportunities, guiding your trading decisions.

2. Options Scanner

Here’s a handy tool – a real-time options scanner. It allows you to filter and find contract options that align with your preferences based on price, expiration date, or volatility.

3. Risk Management Tools

Trading is about opportunities and risks. Options Pop equips you with tools to handle the latter. You’re well-covered, from setting stop-loss orders and defining profit targets to using position-sizing calculators.

4. Educational Resources

Not just a trading tool, Options Pop also prioritizes your learning. Benefit from video tutorials, webinars, and a rich knowledge base to hone your options trading understanding.

5. User-Friendly Interface

No matter your tech proficiency, navigating Options Pop is a breeze. And the best part? You can connect from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

How to Purchase Options Pop

Want to get started with Options Pop? Here’s a straightforward process:

Visit Options Pop Website: Head over to the Options Pop website in your browser.

Pick Your Plan: All you have to do is pick an option on the top menu and click on it. You’ll see different subscription choices – monthly and annual. Go with what fits your trading aspirations and budget.

Set Up An Account: Once you’ve decided on a plan, a “Get Started” button awaits you. Clicking on it will prompt a registration form. It’s basic – your name, email, and payment details.

Complete Your Purchase: After ensuring all details are correct, finalize your subscription by hitting the “Submit” button. Options Pop is flexible with payments, accepting major credit cards and even PayPal.

Begin with Options Pop: Post-payment, an email will land in your inbox detailing how to kickstart your Options Pop journey. Follow them, and the program will soon run on your preferred device. And remember, whether you’re on a computer or mobile, accessing Options Pop is seamless.

How to Purchase Options Pop Technical Analysis

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Options Pop Pricing & Plans:

Unlike other services, Options Pop stands out with its straightforward pricing. Instead of many options, there’s just one for Options Pop: a flat rate of $79/month. This grants you three weekly trade alerts and unrestricted access to their platform.

Though it might seem steep, remember their trade alerts target 100%-500% returns, ensuring the potential to earn much more than your monthly subscription.


  • Streamlines option selection and trading
  • Ideal for both novices and seasoned traders
  • Robust email support
  • Offers a free trial and money-back guarantee


  • Lacks sell alerts
  • Not tailored for long-term trading
  • No direct broker integration
  • Reliant on an internet connection

Is Options Pop the Right Choice for You?

Options Pop boasts a unique program, leveraging technical analysis to forecast stocks for significant movement in the next nine days. The tantalizing promise of 100%-500% gains from each alert makes it tempting.

However, remember: options trading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s inherently riskier than conventional trading and is short-term-centric.

While Options Pop does offer comprehensive guidance, the world of options might seem daunting to some. It’s ideal for traders familiar with the nuances and risks of options trading. There’s a learning trajectory for newbies, but it’s navigable with time.

Curious about Options Pop? Check it out and benefit from their trial period and money-back guarantee. And if you’re weighing other alternatives, consider platforms like Theotrade, Insiderfinance, and Benzinga Options.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of the free trial, click here to sign up for Option Pop and explore the features yourself.

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