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Open Source Fax Server Software Comparison, What Suits Best To Your Business Model

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Every business aims to maintain efficiency and achieve high output at a reasonable cost. Stand-alone fax machines are no longer used because of their shortcomings in terms of usefulness, security, and convenience. To send, receive and store fax messages safely, correctly, and affordably, enterprises now employ pre-loaded computers with fax software, a modem, and internet connectivity.

Fax Server Software:

Fax server software makes it conceivable to utilize these instruments’ best highlights to send and get faxes. They ease the burden of sending bulk faxes by automating most fax management processes. They automatically resend faxes to rejected recipients.

They allow the creation of recipient lists and the import of fax numbers. They do not restrict sending the number of faxes and make sending a fax as easy as printing a document.

The association can set aside time and cash by utilizing fax server applications to convey a few beneficiary’s countless mass fax messages without delay. They enable fax transmission scheduling so businesses can send them at night and save money. To determine whether the recipient has read the statement, they offer alerts.

They can send faxes directly to the beneficiary’s email box. They do not need a particular system and can be placed on network terminals to see fax messages from any system. To establish authentication, they added the corporate logo and the concerned official’s signature to the fax document.

Open-Source Fax Server Software:

Something that is open source can be shared and modified by others since it has a straightforward structure. For example, when it comes to open-source fax server software, companies use them to monitor fax consumption and streamline file sending and receiving by keeping everything on a computer.

Open-source fax server software genuine fax servers

Rather than genuine fax servers, which need a server machine, server application, and telephone wires, an open-source fax server virtualizes every one of the administrations and requires hard drive space.

Selection of best Open-Source Fax Server Software:

Every business organization has unique requirements for sending and receiving faxes, which is also true of those requirements. Therefore, you must choose the fax software based on features and integration. The top fax server software has user-friendly filtering tools, thorough information, and customer reviews to assist you in selecting the option that suits your company’s needs.

Here is the top two Open-Source Fax Server Software:


ICTFAX is one of the most incredible open-source fax server software highlighting the private name and multi-occupant web faxing software. It is based on Rakish Structure, Free Switch, and ICTCore. In addition, it offers White label/Re-branding Multi-tenant and Unlimited Users.

ICTFAX is a gateway application that upholds T.38, G.711, goes through PSTN faxing, Expansions/ATA, REST APIs, Email to Fax, Fax to Email, and Web to Fax. Our Rest-APIs give organizations a framework for automating business processes, and they also provide internet telephony service providers the ability to offer the following services to their clients.


An enterprise-class system for transferring facsimiles and sending alpha-numeric pages is called HylaFAX open source. Client-server engineering underlies the plan of HylaFAX Open Source. Clients may submit an outgoing job from any other machine on the network, and fax modems may be located on a single device. Client software is made to be portable and lightweight.

HylaFAX is made to be unbelievably sturdy and reliable. The fax server protects against predicted hardware, software, configuration, and general use issues. In addition, HylaFAX can handle a high traffic volume and many modems.

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