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Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping with Previous & Future thoughts

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Comparison between offline and online shopping is an ongoing topic and it continues to garner more and more attention as we move forward.

Do more people favor online shopping than commuting to malls or supermarkets?

This is a question hard to answer, as there are still people who like to see an item in person before making a decision to buy.

Previous Thoughts:

In its early stages, online shopping was a simple medium with fewer options, where the user placed an order online and pay for it on delivery. The online deals & discounts were also a reason to make online shopping popular. For Instance: Myntra coupons available at FreekaaMaal provide consumers discount on top fashion brands.

However, as the Internet penetration has grown at a rapid pace online shopping is a trend. The attractive websites, options in bulk, easy payment options, etc. attract customers.

Online Shopping Vs offline shopping:

Online shopping is smart, instead of visiting different stores physically to find the desired product, looking for it virtually on the web can save you time. It is also smart as price comparison gets easier, you can check the 2-3 top stores to find the best price for a product, or even better take help of shopping tools.

While online shopping continues to grow, the majority of retail sales still happen offline.

Offline shopping is preferred when a person wants to physically touch the products. At times, the return policies applicable online can be little tricky. Every company has a return policy, but it usually takes time as the products returned go through inspection. The refunds can take even longer and wait can be difficult for some people.


In any case, the focus is on showcasing the product in the best possible way and selling it to the customer at a competitive price.

As we move forward, Click & Collect is going to be a major trend as consumers select and pay online to receive their merchandise at the store.

Even offline purchases involve lesser cash as consumer preferences are changing, some don’t even carry cash while shopping.

Future Thoughts: 

E-commerce companies are trying different things to stay ahead of competitors, thus improving customer service. The growing competition in e-retailer is actually the reason for innovation.

The online shopping experience is sure to get better as technological developments occur. For Instance, Amazon is already testing, delivery with drones to reduce the time a consumer has to wait for receiving his/her product.

Everybody is talking about Artificial intelligence, it is surely going to have an impact on the way we shop online.

The mobile shopping experience is already getting better with the introduction of new features.

To conclude, online shopping for sure is an immense facility that provides great comfort and ease. For many people, the hot deals available are also a reason to shop online. With the growing penetration of the internet, more and more people will move to the online mode. But offline shopping is here to stay as well because of its certain advantages.

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