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One Tap Electricity Bill Payments with Digital Apps

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It is beyond our imagination today to think of living in a world without electricity. Not one of our simple daily chores can be carried out without an electric connection. With steadfast urbanization and technological advancement, we, the 21st-century people, can hardly stand to stay without an electronic light or a ceiling fan, let alone our dear to life gadgets that serve household activities, official work, or even entertainment. In retrospect, civilization has come a long way since Thomas Alva Edison invented electricity usage, which today we find indispensable for our modern lives.

An electricity bill payment needs to be done on time to have your life run smoothly. While power-cuts and connection losses were regular occurrences even a decade back, today, it has become quite rare in most urban areas. Every state in India has adequate electricity suppliers, be it private or state-owned. For instance, in Gurugram, Haryana, the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam or DHBVN, covers the electricity supply in twelve districts of South Haryana. The Government of Haryana owns it, and its headquarters are located in the city of Hisar. With time, DHBVN bill payment has become easier and convenient than ever. Here is how things have changed.

Ease of bill payment

Earlier, all bill payments were done manually. Customers had to stand and wait in long, tedious queues to get their payments done. It was a total wastage of time and energy – when you could have completed a thousand other prioritized jobs, you had to wait for that blessed moment when your turn would finally come. Although that sounds ridiculous now, it was indeed the reality back then. And if you missed the assigned date, your connection would be cut off immediately, leaving you with nothing but irritation about your lack of memory and the system of electricity services.

Electricity bill payments with digital apps

Now, with the emergence of smartphones worldwide, India has incorporated online payment methods to electricity services as well. The majority of the suppliers in the states of India, including DHBVN in Haryana, have started accepting payments via different payment apps. It has become an easy and convenient process to link your bank account to any third-party payment apps of your choice and attend to your clearances. These apps work using the UPI service in a hundred percent authentic and secure way. Though initially, a fear of being victims to frauds had taken over, such inhibitions are slowly and steadily shedding, making India go digital altogether.

UPI Payment Apps:

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, a facility to ensure real-time payments. It has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India and is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, therefore making it the safest possible medium for nationwide electricity bill payment. The customer can pay any bills from electricity to DTH operators or from any air, rail, road trips to movie tickets, and online shopping using the apps that utilize this interface. Thus, you can get done with your payments in a hustle-free way just by linking your debit or credit cards to the app or straight from the bank account through net banking.

Smartphones to the rescue:

The whole payment system has been revolutionized only after the discovery and easy availability of smartphones. Without those, it would not have been easy to access the online payment facilities. Though it is still possible to use any other devices like laptops or PCs for the job, it would not have been convenient. To have everything under the control of your fingers can be at once exciting and stress-free. Therefore, among the many benefits of smartphones, online electricity bill payment is a necessary and useful one, enabling users to carry on with their payment responsibilities from the comfort of their own homes, especially in this ongoing pandemic situation.

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