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Old Twitter Objects, Including Paintings Of Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar Selfie And Desk Chairs, Will Be Auctioned Off By X

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Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, is having a massive garage sale to clear the company’s headquarters of memorabilia from before the company’s formal rebranding as X.

Everything from a typical desk chair to a sizable bird cage welded with the Twitter emblem bird is up for auction.

Musk has sought to redesign the social media platform ever since he purchased Twitter less than a year ago. Among other measures, he has abolished most account authentication, implemented a paywall, and laid off the majority of the company’s personnel.

Numerous “#” and “@” monuments, paintings of Barack Obama celebrating his reelection, and Ellen DeGeneres’ famous 2014 Oscar selfie, a recreated Montana farm, and a variety of musical instruments are among the items available for interested customers to peruse.

Along with the stranger products, Twitter also wants to get rid of freezers, desks, and chairs that are used in offices.

The Heritage Global Partners (HGP)-run auction starts on September 12 and lasts for two days in San Francisco. All 584 items are open for viewing by appointment only and begin at a 25-dollar opening bid.

In January, Witter also put memorabilia up for auction in an effort to get rid of related items.

CNN asked X and HGP for comment on the auction, but neither company responded right away.

Just weeks after the company changed its name to X, multi-billionaire Elon Musk is auctioning off Twitter building signs and other memorabilia.

There are 584 lots available, including large bird cages, oil paintings of popular pictures, and coffee tables.

A DJ booth, dozens of desks and seats, and enough musical instruments for an entire band are also included.

Mr. Musk has eliminated thousands of positions since purchasing the social media site last year in an effort to reduce costs.

“Twitter Rebranding: Online Auction Featuring Memorabilia, Art, Office Assets & More!” is the name of the auction.

One of the available Twitter signage is still affixed to the corporate office building on 10th Street in San Francisco.

“The bird is still fixed to the building’s exterior. The listing states that the buyer is responsible for selecting a San Francisco-licensed company with the necessary permits.

Authorities in San Francisco momentarily stopped an attempt to take down another Twitter sign last month.

Also up for auction are two oil paintings inspired by images that became viral on Twitter.

The first is an Oscars 2014 star-studded selfie taken by Ellen Degeneres.

The second is of the picture that former US President Barack Obama posted after winning a second term in office in November 2012. It was the most-liked tweet on the platform at the time.

A DJ booth with a controller, mixers, and speakers is also up for auction in addition to musical instruments like guitars, drum sets, and amplifiers.

The minimum bid for each property, according to auction company Heritage Global Partners, is $25 (£19.70).

On September 12, bids will go live, and they will finish two days later.

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