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NFL will be Offering Digital NFT Tickets at the LA Super Bowl

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Crypto takes over the Super Bowl! To the Moon. The 2022 Super Bowl LVI was played at SoFi Stadium in LA, CA on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The National Football League (NFL) announced that it was offering every attendee of the Super Bowl commemorative virtual wallet in the form of NFTs, including the opportunity for viewers from home to buy limited edition NFTs every day of the week that led up to the game. According to the NFL, these moves enhanced the game experience and also enabled them to further assess and examine the NFT space for future event engagement and ticketing opportunities.

The NFT will star the fans’ unique row seats and sections to celebrate the game day. The Super Bowl makes available to the NFL a unique shot at offering NFTs at the exhibition as a means to celebrate and engage with fans.

Dapper Labs, one of the prominent sports NFT platforms that became recognized in 2019 following the announcement of it being the NBA’s official marketplace for NFT, and also entered contract to design NFTs for the National Football League (NFL).

National football league super bowl

The Senior Vice President of the NFL, Robert Gallo, remarked that the club began to offer digital monumental NFTs tickets to fans during the normal season. Quoting him,

“We saw significant achievement with this unique fan occasion, which offered the tempo to contain with the program through the postseason and finally at the LA Super Bowl”

As reported by Gallo, fans had eagerly been collecting virtual NFT tickets, particularly for the biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl.

For the Super Bowl LVI, the National Football League released NFTs that are club specific to participating teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. Established in the Polygon blockchain, the digital tickets will also be displayed on the official website of the NFL.

Because of its low fees, Polygon is a great choice for the NFL to mint NFT tickets. So far, the most expensive gas fee spent by a user on the Polygon network is 9.50 MATIC, which is equivalent to $15.86. Polygon has faster transaction finality, and the blockchain is popular for building NFT projects.

Card collectors have shifted their attention and funds to sports non-fungible tokens, which provide proof of ownership of a video, photo, audio snippet, or other digital capture of a significant moment in sports history.

According to those who sell digital memorabilia, the popularity of sports NFTs has skyrocketed in recent years, and this is just the beginning.

Fans have forever wished to buy limited tokens bound to their teams, such as a signed baseball bat, o  autographed jersey and this is merely a virtual extension of that quest.

As reported by CBS News, the worth of the bigger NFT market is predicted to surge from the present $14 billion to approximately $75 billion by 2025. It is believed that much of the growth will be propelled by the explosion in sports NFL merchandise.

A McKinsey analysis found that at one point in February, the United States recorded weekly sales of sports NFTs worth $138 million. According to two researchers from their team, the overall sales this year of sports NFTs are still strong.

According to Deloitte Global, the sports media is also predicted to generate over  $2 billion in transactions this year alone doubling last year’s figure. Based on the prediction, more than 4 million sports fans globally would have been gifted or purchased NFTsportst merchandise before the end of 2022.

The NBA Top Shot which is said to be equivalent to football is said to launch this season and will be called NFL All Day. A waiting list to join the platform is now available. NFL All Day will operate similarly to tBA Top Shot does since both platforms are established on the Lab Flow Blockchain.

Users can purchase randomized packs of moments and put together unique video highlights of outstanding NFL moments that features the top plays and players of the season, with some being rarer than others.

Given its strong brand, devoted fanbase, and annual revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars from player jerseys alone, don’t be surprised if the NFL launches its crypto token in the coming years, with dozens of point-of-sale stadiums.

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