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Home News Toyota Searches For More Investments In Israeli Auto Tech, Robotics

Toyota Searches For More Investments In Israeli Auto Tech, Robotics

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After drove a $14 million investment in Intuition Robotics in July, Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp is searching for more interests in Israeli robotics technology and vehicle advances.

A startup, which makes robots from the earliest starting point, was the main Israeli investment for Toyota Al Ventures, another $ 100 million reserve putting it in artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility and data, cloud computing and robotics.

Jim Adler, managing director of California based Toyota Al Ventures, which is part of the $1 billion Toyota Research Institute, said that “More investment would be seen by the public, of Toyota in the Israeli market in the future.


There’s additional in the pipeline,” he said Reuters amid a visit to Israel, comprising that innovations dealing with perception and prediction and planning were specifically noteworthy to Toyota.

Perception technology allows the autonomous vehicle to analyze the world around it and the other side, prediction, and planning can help by explaining the situations such as whether a child at an intersection might try to cross at a red light.

Adler, who is in the country meeting companies whose technologies interest Toyota, said that “A tremendous amount of innovation is happening in Israel as cars become more produced by data”.

Israel can be considered as a growing center for autonomous technologies. In the beginning of this year, Intel Corp launched autonomous vehicle firm, named as ‘Mobileye’, one of Israel’s biggest tech companies – for $15.3 billion.


On Friday Germany’s Continental AG said it was purchasing Israel’s Argus Cyber Security, whose technology guards protect associated cars against hacking.

Toyota AI Ventures has made five investments and hopes to put resources into no less than 20 organizations around the world.

The investment regarding the Intimation Robotics, which decides to starts testing of its robots with older adults in their homes in the beginning of next year, Adler said, that there are some common features between the robotics and autonomous vehicle, which he referred to as “big robots with wheels”.


As per the analyzing record, he said that Japan’s population is aging and 40% is beeing expected to be over 65 in 20 years, then there will be demand for technologies that assist the elderly to stay in their homes, rather than have to move to assisted-living facilities. And it will be beneficial for the Toyota.

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