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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Home News Nascent Robot ready to support online students

Nascent Robot ready to support online students

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Scientists have developed a creative robot that can help online students more engaged and connected with the teacher and students in the classroom.

Situated around the class, each robot has a mounted video screen controlled by the remote user that allows the student to pan around the space to see and talk with the instructor and related student sharing eye to eye.


The study, disseminated in Online Learning, found that robot adjusting generally benefits remote students more than standard video conferencing, in which multiple students have appeared on a singular screen.

Instead of looking screen full of faces as she does with standard video conferencing, she can see a robot- learner in the eye – at least digitally, said Christine Greenhow, associate professor at Michigan State University (MSU) in the US.

“It was such a benefit to having people individually embodied in robot form – I can look right at you and talk to you,” Greenhow said.

The technology also has implications for telecommuters working remotely and students with disabilities or who are wiped out, she said.


MSU’s College of Education started using robot learning in 2015. Examiners pondered an educational technology doctoral course in which students participated one of three courses – eye to eye, by a robot and by traditional video conferencing.

Courses that combine face-to-face and online learning, called a cross hybrid or blended learning, are extensively seen as the most promising philosophy for extending access to cutting-edge training and students’ learning outcomes.

The amount of blended learning classrooms has extended definitely in the earlier decade and could, at last, make up 80 for the percent or a more noteworthy measure of all university classes, the study notes.

With standard video conferencing, remote students generally cannot tell the instructor is looking and can get executed from joining the discussion.


“These students routinely feel like they’re interrupting in on, like they’re not totally participating the class,” Greenhow said.

“The guideline takeaway here is that students participating with the robots felt extensively more associated with and students with the instructor and their classmates who were on students,” she said.

To interface with the robot from home, students basically need to download free programming software onto their PC.

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