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International Childhood Cancer Day: How Detecting Leukemia Early Might Help Children Live Complete Lives

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Nationwide pediatric oncologists dispel misconceptions about a child’s life expectancy, chemotherapy, the potential for novel treatments, and recovery. Sarah (name changed) was a bright, active five-year-old, but her parents observed that she appeared to bruise easily and was frequently exhausted. Her leukemia was found after the doctor requested blood work and saw her. Sarah was able to begin her chemotherapy-based treatment right away because of the early diagnosis. Sarah entered remission following several months of therapy. She is now a 10-year-old who is healthy and content because she was able to go back to class and continue her regular activities.

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Nationwide pediatric oncologists dispel misconceptions about a child’s life expectancy, chemotherapy, the potential for novel treatments, and remission. There are many myths surrounding this disease. We have busted a few myths here below:

1. This is a Curable Disease

As of 2015, high-income nations had 94.1 percent cure rates for ALL in children aged two to six and 91.9% for those under the age of 15 years. As opposed to 90–95 percent in upper-income nations, India’s response rates have jumped to approximately 70%, according to Dr. Liza Bulsara, a pediatric hematologist and oncologist at Ruby Hall Clinic.

“Childhood leukemia can be cured if caught in time. Chemotherapy alone can cure many kids with ALL. Physical examinations are the first stage, and they frequently reveal the condition.

2. Cancer Leukemia is Widespread in India

In actuality, it is a catastrophic disorder that annually affects tens of thousands of kids and families. Leukemia is the most prevalent type of juvenile cancer, making up about 25% to 30% of all cases, according to the National Cancer Registry Programme in India. Additionally, over the past several decades, India has seen a steady rise in the frequency of childhood leukemia. Children’s prospects of life and cure are greatly improved by early discovery and timely treatment, according to Dr. Mehta.

3. Childhood Leukemia is not Genetic

Childhood Leukemia is not Genetic

It runs in families with childhood leukemia.

Although there is no known cause for juvenile leukemia, there are a number of risk factors. According to Dr. Mehta, they include radiation dose, specific chemicals, having a sibling who has leukemia and having particular genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome.

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4. Chemotherapy is Safe for Children

There is a great deal of skepticism toward contemporary medicines, particularly chemotherapy. People frequently worry about the long-term repercussions on their hearts and lungs, but it’s more crucial to focus on the immediate cancer problem at hand. This conundrum also prevents the family from making decisions, which causes the sickness to advance unintentionally, claims Dr. Bulsara. There is no reason to be concerned because it is supplied based on the child’s weight and age. “Since it’s a relatively low dose, side effects usually don’t last too long in kids. Additionally, every safety measure is done when giving chemotherapy to both adults and children. Children generally handle chemotherapy well, she continues.

5. All Medical Care Is Expensive

A child with ALL will cost roughly US$103,250, or about Rs80 lakh, for the full course of therapy. But our Indian counterparts are providing the same care for between Rs 3 and 7 lacs, making it far more affordable. However, it does come with a price. Access to the amenities is now being expanded. Dr. Bulsara continues, “With programs like Ayushman Bharat and private foundations aiding in the fight against children’s cancer, the economic strain must be addressed.

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Leukemia is a threatening disease. But doctors assert that they can handle it well with proper care and treatment. Our technology has advanced to treat cancer leukemia.

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