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FAA Approves application of Drone As ‘Cell Phone Tower In The Sky’ For Puerto Rico

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The FAA revealed it has approved a drone that can act as a flying cell phone tower to help restore cellular service in Puerto Rico.

The Drone is known as the Flying COW, for Cell on Wings. Made by AT&T, it flies up to 200 feet above the ground and can give voice, data and Internet advantage for 40 square miles.

T&T said seven days prior this indicated the primary gone through a LTE cell site on a drone had been successfully passed on to partner occupants after a disaster. After we appropriated this story at in the first place, AT&T said it had expelled the drone from the advantage in Puerto Rico and has no specific mean to start using it there afresh.


Two months after Hurricane Maria battered the area, just 63 percent of cellular sites are operational there. As of Thursday, “80 percent of Puerto Rico’s cell customers were connected”, said by AT&T.


The drone, a Pulse Vapor 55, is a resemblance to the mini helicopter. The payload of this air vehicle comprises LTE radios and antennas and is tethered to ground-based electronics and power systems,” the FAA explains.

Its weight is above the small category drone, which has a weight limit of 55 pounds. Therefore, it needs special authorization for the utilization. “it can be used on a temporary basis while permanent infrastructure is rebuilt”, informed by the agency.

A video from February exhibits the device in rural Georgia, attached to a base of sun situated sheets and connected with fiber. Art Pregler, head of the company’s drone program, clears up that the robot is fitting to disaster recovery after a storm or tornado, as it is easily sent to establish connectivity.

Pregler said the drone is furthermore useful in the midst of crazy flames since it can be moved as the fire line shifts.


A Flying COW can offer coverage to up to 8,000 people in the meantime, AT&T said. The company said it starting at now has just a single of the devices; in any case, it is attempting additional models for deployment.

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