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Movavi Video Editor: A Watermark-Free Editing Experience

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There are dozens of software, applications, and online tools that can turn any raw video material into a high-quality clip or even a mini-movie. Any creatives can find something to their liking, as well as on a budget.

Everything would be simple if tools had the same functionality. However, if you are looking for simple software with basic settings or vice versa professional software with advanced functionality, you need to search well to find what you need.

One of the striking distinguishing features is the presence of a watermark on the final video project. Many creatives can spend hours creatively editing their video footage and suddenly discover a watermark. This is annoying, especially when you’re working on a marketing video project that you want to share with your customers.

This is where Movavi Video Editor comes into play, which is highly regarded by both amateurs and professional visual content professionals. Using this software, you don’t have to worry about your hours of hard work being wasted. You will enjoy a top-notch no-watermark video editor that can offer you even more impressive features.

Let’s talk about how you can have a great video editing experience with Movavi Video Editor.

Why should you choose Movavi Video Editor?

A huge number of people are trying to create mind-blowing video content that will be viral as well as receive approval and respect from buyers. Most users want to learn how to make professional-looking clips, but they don’t have a clear understanding and experience of how to use video editors. In this regard, many come to the point that they are trying to find a tool that will simultaneously offer advanced settings, as well as have an intuitive interface.

Here are the reasons why Movavi offers the best product for visual content creators:

Ease of learning and use

Many hobbyists want to learn how to use professional software that helps them create Hollywood-like clips. Professional software is excellent for those who have been working in the field of video editing for more than a year. Experts know how to use tools and what settings they need.

It’s taking up a lot of learning time that you may not have. Moreover, you will have to be patient to figure out how to do this and that until you achieve the desired result.

You don’t need any previous experience to use this software. Business owners looking to cut a branding clip don’t have to rack their brains to get top-notch results. Aspiring bloggers looking to publish their first mini-movie don’t need to go through a steep learning curve to get impressive content. You can get a film that does not have a watermark, and you can also add a branded logo to create a product video. Everything is as intuitive as can be.

Ease of learning and use

Available for two main operating systems

You can browse the top of the best editing tools for hours and choose the best application, after which you will find that it is not compatible with your OS. You’ll have to do your research all over again to find the best tool for making great clips that will work with your operating system.

This software is suitable for both Windows and Mac users. It is suitable for Windows users with version 7 and above, as well as users of macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and above. If your OS version is older, then you can find a solution in the Store, which you can find on the website.

Basic editing plus advanced features

Simple functions can be understood even by the most inexperienced users who have no previous experience. Here you will find everything you need to cut or trim a clip, rotate, merge, and so on. A lot of filters and transitions will help make your mini-movie successful and look like high-quality video materials created by professionals.

The most interesting thing is that in addition to the basic functions that every software or online tool has, here you will find a plethora of advanced functions. They are just as easy to use as the others. Here are some powerful features of this software:

  • Application of slow motion;
  • Final product without watermark;
  • Replacing any background that you consider lousy;
  • Automatic detection of the scene to get several segments;
  • Adding extra layers to the original clip, etc.

Smart editing with artificial intelligence

You can do some settings automatically. Artificial intelligence will help you with that. This technology has begun to be widely used in such applications, which helps to achieve great results much faster.

Here, artificial intelligence can help you change a poor background into something more impressive in seconds. Imagine that you’ve been shooting a clip for a long time and doing many takes, and during the editing, you find that everything is fine, except for the background, which you didn’t pay attention to. It will be annoying, but with this editor, you can solve this problem quickly. You don’t even need to use the green screen.

Another issue that artificial intelligence helps to solve is the elimination of noise. You can shoot in noisy places and not worry about the quality of your clip. For example, if you conduct a sociological survey on the streets of your city without a microphone, then at the editing stage, AI will help you get rid of any noise. Whether it be strong wind, noise from passing cars, or voices of people in the background.

Smart editing with artificial intelligence

Get content in any format

Most users, as well as professionals, create visual materials for publication on social and video platforms, as well as various web resources. Each platform has specific requirements for the format of the clip you want to upload. In most cases, users have to install additional programs that help download the clip and select the desired format for conversion.

You can do this as the last step before saving your video project. The program offers to save video material in many of the most popular formats. You will find the formats you need to upload your video project to YouTube and other platforms. In addition, you can choose the best ways to save your video project to watch it on various smartphones and TVs.

Take advantage of the free period

Reading about all the features of the software as well as reviews from other users is one thing, while using the software for yourself is another thing. You can make sure whether the program suits you or not by simply downloading the program, which you can use for free for a whole week from the moment of installation.

During this time, you can try to edit many video projects without significant limitations. This is a great time to see if the tool meets all your needs. After that, you will be able to fully access the software and make high-quality movies without watermarks.


To make a video project that you want to share with your subscribers or buyers, you need to edit it. Bring your bold ideas to life with Movavi Video Editor, which is used by both amateurs and professionals. Even if you have zero experience, you don’t need to worry because the program is as intuitive as possible. This is a great tool where both basic and advanced settings are easy to use. Even if your raw footage has a lot of noise, bad backgrounds, or is unstable, AI can fix these issues in seconds.

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