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Most Inspiring Life Story Of Colonel Sanders Before His Success

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Who is Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. He lost his father when he was six. He had to take care of his siblings, and in seventh grade, he went to work as a farmhand.

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The inspiring life story of Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders, the mega-brand icon and logo, had under his belt multiple occupations. He joined at 16 years the US army enlisting claiming a low age. He had to leave dishonorably after a year, and he took to working by the railway as a laborer. After a dispute, he was not continuing there. He studied law working in the railway, and got into another fight, losing his legal career.

Sanders joined as an insurance salesman working but not for long due to lack of obedience. His financial struggles were going on, but he was not ready to give up. In 1920, he started with a ferry boat company and began a light manufacturing company. He could not break through.

By the time he was 40, he did several roles, from insurance salesman, farmhand, and filling station operator to steam engine stoker. He bought a motel with a restaurant that was burned down. He began a motel until WWII and had to close it.

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Beginning of his restaurant recipe in KFC

Sanders’s adversity took to franchise his restaurant. However, his recipe went through rejection 1009 times. Finally, his ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ his secret recipe was a hit. He finally went of expanding the franchisees of KFC and started hiring across the country.

Beginning of his restaurant recipe in KFC Colonel Sanders

Sanders was into business innovation that he made it big even after several years of calamities and failures. He sold for $2 million the KFC sanders after expanding overseas. Even now, KFC branding is prominent with his image, and it appears in the emblem. He is prominent for his western string tie, white suit, and beard on the emblem.

It is an inspiring story creating history giving an overwhelming feel. Colonel Sanders was the same person facing discouragement or rejection after losses. He had to leave many jobs, lost his career, and faced Great Depression, WWII, and fires. Sanders was not easy to defeat by anyone or anything was apparent, as he built the fast-food world’s largest business. There is a lot to learn from his strong nature.

There’s no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can’t do any business from there.

David Sanders – Philanthropy

The foundation of Sanders donated to children’s hospitals in Canada. Honoring their substantial donation, the Mississauga Hospital for Children and Women bears the name ‘Colonel Harland Sanders Family Care Centre.’

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David Sanders – A true inspiration

Facing multiple setbacks grew an entrepreneur, Colonel Sanders. He took to various occupations and learned from his mistakes to sustain a livelihood. Eventually, his food chain, KFC, became a part of the food chain. His aim was customer satisfaction, and now even after three decades of him passing away, he has a place on magazines and posters. He is an entrepreneur, the best who thrived on his product’s perfection.

At age 90, Sanders passed away due to pneumonia. By that time, in 48 countries, there were 6000 KFC locations, and by 2013, in 118 countries, there were 18,000 KFC locations.

Wrapping Up

Sanders remains the KFC face even after selling his business. He promoted KFC all over the world. His actions demonstrate his persistence, adversity, and determination of encouraging customers to do the same. He went to taste at the KFC restaurants the gravy. He was a perfectionist and never compromised in quality.

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