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HomeMoneyTrueUSD Cryptocurrency — The First Stackable Coin Of The Trusttoken Platform

TrueUSD Cryptocurrency — The First Stackable Coin Of The Trusttoken Platform

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Price volatility in the cryptocurrency market greatly hinders their widespread use. The lack of stability discourages most businesses who simply cannot use digital money for payments or purchases. TrueUSD price charts are always stable.

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TrueUSD coin news 

The TrueUSD token is a stable digital currency whose value is pegged to the U.S. dollar; it is legally secure and protected and could be the first digital stable quote. TUSD to USD is equal to 1 to 1. For the latest news about the project, visit letizo.com.

Who is behind the project

The team that brought the idea to life comes from America. Its members graduated from Stanford University and California University; worked in a private company that develops data analysis software Palantir, and have large-scale programming experience from the multinational public corporation Google behind them. While Zcash price predictions can be very volatile, it doesn’t work that way with Stablecoin.

The TrueUSD team has partnered with WilmerHale, a law firm that represents Apple, and White & Case, an international law firm that also helps many well-known companies, governments and financial institutions achieve their global ambitions. The project has an established network of partners in financial, corporate, and banking.

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What is the TrustToken platform

What is the TrustToken platform Stackable Coin

TrueUSD is currently the first asset token built on the TrustToken platform. It guarantees its holders 100% security in traditional currency — the American dollar. The required amount of USD is held in the banks of professional trust firms.

If the owner has obtained a KYC / AML certificate, he can exchange TrueUSD digital tokens for fiat USD coins at any time. Users of the platform receive a reliable and stable trading tool, which can be used not only for trading, but also as an exchange medium.

Investors can receive digital coins in exchange for dollars, provide regular audits, and have legal protection. Investors, hedge funds, traders and cryptocurrency exchanges can access the platform.

Initially, the company will launch TrueUSD. However, in the future they plan to launch TrueMuni, TrueYen, TrueEuro and other currencies backed by their fiduciary currencies and represented by the support of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. But keep in mind that it is better to consider Zcash token prices for investments.

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The cryptocurrency market is quite intriguing for investors. The same Zcash price now is constantly changing. It allows experienced players to make quick profits. But the business world needs a stable and stable currency. Stablecoin can combine the virtues of each type of money: the stability of a fiat currency and the efficiency of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with its fast, cheap and traceable transactions.

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