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Top Three Money Wasters

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Are you keen on saving your hard-earned money? Do you have the habit of putting a few bucks away on a regular basis? Well, a lot of people have personalized ways of saving money. However, these methods will not be effective all the time, especially when common money wasters are in your daily schedule!

Alas, what are money wasters? Do you find the idea of money wasting activities alarming? If yes, this post will help you. It is quite simple to control activities that waste your money. The first part would be identifying what these activities are. Indeed, money-wasting activities differ from one person to another. But, the majority of the crowd is affected by the following ones!

So, let’s get started…

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Money Waster #1

shopping in convenience stores

The first and most common money-wasting activity would be shopping in convenience stores. Many times, you are likely to visit the convenience store and stock up your home. There is no need to stock your home with extra supplies. Always stick to a plan and buy only items that are necessary for your daily life. Leave the convenience stores on an emergency day.

Convenience stores might sound convenient, but the service doesn’t come for free. Some items are bound to be more expensive in these stores than in online markets.

Money Waster #2

buy mobile pre-paid plans


Often, we tend to invest in cell phone plans. When your postpaid smartphone bills are high, you will be encouraged to buy pre-paid plans. Unfortunately, these so-called affordable plans are not so affordable. With time, you will be investing in many added features like mobile data and SMS services. These services will definitely force you to spend more money. Try to get rid of them! Else, you will end up wasting lots of money on them.

Money Waster #3

soft drinks

Next in line would be the soft drinks. This is one of the most effective money wasters in this list. Ordering soft drinks after a meal, on a daily basis will cost you a lot of money. Meanwhile, you will be destroying your health too!


A normal family of four members, who decide to eat two times a week from common restaurants will end up paying 800+ USD on soft drinks. By the end of 20 years, you would have spent more than 30,000 USD on soft drinks alone. Isn’t this a very big figure? Doesn’t this make soft drinks a major money waster?

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