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The Growth Of Cardano (ADA) As A Means Of Payment

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Despite the difficult environment of the current cryptocurrency market, Cardano (ADA) is expected to be able to recover in a short time. In recent days, the price of Cardano has fallen by almost twenty percent.

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Despite this negative performance, there is good news for the project and its native coin ADA. New trading partnerships are coming that now allow you to pay with Cardano at top-tier companies.

In this article, you will find out which partnership is behind it and why ADA can now also be used as a means of payment at Nike, Amazon, Airbnb, among others. Of course, a small conclusion about the Cardano recovery and trend.

Cardano partnership with payment processor Bidali.

Blockchain company Emurgo announced a partnership with Bidali in its press release in early May 2022. Bidali, meanwhile, is a Canadian company whose solutions can be found in the area of payment services (payment processing) to provide different services.

ADA can now be used in more than 1,200 affiliated stores.

For Cardano, this represents an important step towards general acceptance. Thanks to the partnership, ADA can now be used as a means of payment with more than 1200 partners. Companies that can now use ADA include Airbnb, Amazon, Nike and Starbucks, among others.

However, it is important to note that payment with Cardano is not done directly at the online stores just mentioned. Rather, ADA is a means of payment that can be used by Bidali itself for the service. Specifically, users can pay for so-called Bidali Gift cards or vouchers with ADA. These vouchers, in turn, can be redeemed on the platforms mentioned above.

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The Cardano dApp store is growing

Despite the downturn in activity, Cardano can continue to expand its offering in its own dApp store. The platform was launched in 2021 after Cardano implemented smart contracts on the network for the first time with the hard fork. To counter network overload, it increased the block size in February to be able to process more transactions at the same time.

The measure is already paying off. As network data shows, 271 new smart contracts were implemented in one month. On average, dApp adds nearly 70 smart contracts per week.

However, these developments are unlikely to affect the generally pessimistic market environment. According to experts, retail investor interest in Cardano has increased, but ADA still has a lot to achieve yet.

What does Cardano’s future look like?

Cardano’s price, ADA, has been in the top ten by market capitalization for a long time. The year 2021 was a remarkable success story for the cryptocurrency. ADA’s rise highlights the growing importance of Cardano’s price compared to Ethereum’s price.

ADA participation is now widespread and extremely easy to implement. In addition, the innovative and science-based development of the Cardano blockchain is expected to increase the acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

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Many are even referring to the network as the new Ethereum. Because Ethereum has experienced tremendous growth in recent years thanks to its smart contracts and versatile application possibilities. With a more effective design and smart contracts and versatility. Cardan is also pricing and wants to overtake Ethereum in the future.

Consequently, this will also drive the course of ADA further in the future. And last but not least, when buying cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, which in turn means more validators are needed.

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